The Students’ Association team

Sabbatical Team

The Sabbatical Team are your student representatives. Together, they ensure that your voice is heard at GSA and GSASA, and work to support the student body in campaigning and through the student representative council.

Student President 

Pronouns: he/him
Here for a good time, no a long time. The good times include, but are not limited to: supporting systems for fairer representation across the board whilst retaining a liberal and altruistic outlook socially… and lots of patter.

I am your elected student representative and I work between GSA and GSASA to represent you and your views, ensuring your voices are heard throughout all levels of the school.
Only together can we generate greater grassroots engagement with the running of GSA and GSASA, allowing the student body to push for more socially and environmentally sustainable approaches to education, the curriculum and life in Glasgow. I am only one voice, but together we can do this, in a holistic way, as one strong, understanding and unified community.

Speak to me about:  How you can be more involved in the running of the GSA and GSASA, Representation, SRC/ SSCC, advice and new ideas.

Events Convenor (Vice President)

Karin Tokunaga –
Pronouns: she/her

Keen bean with a big heart and a small ego. Love logistics, hate passivity. Big on morale, transparency, structures of support, alternate forms of currency, and redistribution of resources.

Speak to me about: club nights, workshops, fundraisers, societies, and all other categories of extra-curricular content. Elected to facilitate events that you can get excited about!

Student Engagement Coordinators

The three Student Engagement Coordinators support student-led societies; programme extracurricular activities and events; support your professional practice and facilitate opportunities for students at GSASA. We help with the smooth running of the Association and its democratic processes, supporting the work of the Students’ Representative Council and the Sabbatical Officers. We offer independent advocacy and help students going through complaints or disciplinary procedures at GSA. We all come from different backgrounds, and have different experience and expertise in our own ways.

You can reach the whole Student Engagement team at once at

Alice Andrews –
Pronouns: she/her
I am the soft butch lesbian dolly parton.

Alex Sarkisian –
Pronouns: she/her
I love an all-school email and art. 

Jenny Speirs –
Pronouns: she/her

The Art School team

The Students’ Association team work alongside the Art School team, who run the venue and the Vic bar.

Interim General Manager: Gary Docherty

Production Manager: Rab Hutchison

Programme Coordinator: Ray Bushell

Lovely pics by the Kirkwood Brothers