Student Representative Council

It’s easiest to think of this as the representation committee hosted within the Students’ Association. The SRC is so important to us, we can’t function without them and they can’t function without you!

The SRC exists as three committees that help to keep this place running.

Programming Committee

  • They oversee and approve applications for Student Fundraisers.
  • They discuss the running of the Students’ Association, and help to programme the club nights, workshops, performances, and anything extra curricular. 
  • Their voice is at the forefront of decisions made at the Students’ Association.
  • They express their opinion on what works well, and what doesn’t. 
  • They are a creative group who push new ideas.
  • They oversee a budget of £500 per semester to programme event(s) that benefit the student experience

Funding Committee

  • They discuss and allocate the funding which the Students’ Association awards for extracurricular Student Initiated Projects.
  • They help ensure that the Students’ Association are being fair in supporting students, and aren’t overlooking any issues.
  • They make amendments to funding processes to make sure these processes are as fair and practical as possible
  • They are a supportive group who help projects find valuable resources. 

Societies Committee

  • They oversee the activities of all our society groups at the SA.
  • They feed back on any recent or upcoming society activities.
  • They approve new societies and monitor the funding made available to existing societies.
  • They are a sociable group who bring people and projects together.

Our Constitution

Last year, our members voted to change our Constitution. We hope that our new Constitution will be approved by the GSA Board of Governors early in the academic. Look out for membership consultations about our Trustee Board and have a think about the skills and experience which you would like to see in the GSASA governing body.