GSA Students’ Association

Students are welcome to drop in and visit us in the Assembly Building on 20 Scott Street, or email us at: (Student Engagement team), Karin Tokunaga (Events Convenor),  Ale Marini (Student President).

A big hello from the Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association! We’re in Glasgow – the best city in the world!! The Art School is a student and artist led venue in the centre of Glasgow. We operate as an independent Students’ Association (The GSASA) and as public venue (The Art School) that showcases new and innovative artistic practices from Glasgow and beyond. We are located in the Assembly Building at the very top of Scott Street, and our venue contains several Project Spaces, a large multifunctional Assembly Hall and the much-loved Vic Café Bar.

We are a non-profit organisation, funded in part by GSA, that functions entirely with students in mind. All profits generated by the business (the café/restaurant/bar where you can feast on drinks n snax till u pop) feeds the pot of gold that we use to fund student-initiated projects including exhibitions, society activities, club nights and just about anything else you can think of. We also programme events, lectures and workshops, all with a mind to supporting your academic study from a different, extracurricular and mega fun perspective (we love ur ideas and want to churn them into reality).

We want everybody to feel welcome in the venue, and have an on-going and self-critical commitment to accessibility, safe(r) spaces and actively opposing all forms of discrimination.  We aim to make the Students’ Association an open minded, creatively nurturing and empowering environment where the student voice is paramount. So naturally, student input is essential to our functioning. Ask us questions, send emails and show up to stuff as soon as you feel the urge to. Our objective is to be accommodating and totally unintimidating. Please utilise us!

It’s YOU, your creativity, your love of what you do and your support for one another that makes GSA special. Some of you will have a perfect portfolio, a fully-realised degree show and get a decently paid graduate job in a highly competitive field. Others will have a hard time, repeatedly change their pathway or their mind about their craft and might leave after four years still not knowing what they want to do with their lives. And mama, the hottest tea? Both of those are fiiiiine. It’s called art SCHOOL for a reason! you’re here to triumph, fail, make friends, have fun, experiment, make things you like, make things you don’t like and above all, you’re here to LEARN. If you can remind yourself in a self-loathing, sleep-deprived hand-in crisis why YOU want to be here and that messing it up is OK and that this is ONLY THE BEGINNING of your career as a creative, you’ll always be good, baby!

Lots of love,

Harriet Gould (Student Prez), Sgàire Wood (Events Convenor), and The Art School Team