Project Spaces

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The Project Spaces, based on level 2 of the Students’ Association, are dedicated to supporting and accommodating a range of student led, extra-curricular projects and activities. They can be booked by all students from all areas of study (Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD).

Floor plans and photographs of the Project Spaces can be found here.

Project Space 1
Project Space 2

Project Spaces 1 & 2 will be made available for booking each semester and can be booked out by individuals or groups for up to 3 days, Monday 12pm – Wednesday 2pm(inclusive of install, opening and deinstallation). We also welcome applications for projects that seek to utilise the Vic Bar and The Assembly Hall where appropriate. These applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Allocations will be made by GSASA primarily based upon the preferences and specific project requirements as outlined by applicants. Alongside this, scheduling will also be done with a view to maximising efficient use of the project spaces. 


If you have any questions, contact the Student Engagement Coordinators at

Some frequently asked questions are covered in this Project Spaces Guide.