Student Advocacy at GSASA

We hope your time at GSA is a positive one. However we understand that some students will occasionally find themselves in difficult situations. If you want to raise a complaint (formal or informal) because of something that has happened at the school, or if find yourself subject to a disciplinary process, it can be daunting. The Student Engagement team can provide support for students undertaking these processes. 

Often students are referred to us by someone in GSA, such as one of the Student Welfare Advisers, a Sabbatical Officer or a member of teaching staff. Other times students contact the team directly. Sometimes they may be brought in during an informal process and asked to accompany a student to a meeting for example before a formal process has started. However you contact us, we are independent from GSA and our role is to advocate for you with the school.

The Student Engagement Team can support you through complaints and disciplinary proceedings by explaining processes and what to expect; helping you to fill out forms and submit supporting evidence; accompanying you to meetings with relevant staff or with a complaints or disciplinary investigator; following up with you to help you understand the outcomes of complaints and disciplinary processes and to help you understand your next steps if necessary. 

If you think you would like our support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We take your confidentiality very seriously, and won’t share your case with anyone outside the Student Engagement Team. Any notes will be stored securely in our filing cabinet and in a password protected area of our server. We will only meet with or talk to staff when you are there and with your permission. If we need to speak to anyone else as part of our work with you, we will ask you first.

Contact the Student Engagement Team

Email us at (this email goes to the three Student Engagement Coordinators only, Alex, Alice and Jenny) or drop in to the Student Engagement office, Mon – Fri, 10 – 5.30pm.