SRC Programming Committee

The Programming Committee reviews applications and approves requests for student fundraisers and events in The Art School. Alongside this they have a key role in overseeing our full programme of events, from what workshops we run to which artists we work with. They also help establish new ways of supporting students and showcasing emerging artists, and support campaigns run through the Students’ Association. They also oversee a budget of £500 per semester to programme an event or events which support the student experience at GSA.

If you would like to know more about the Programming Committee or discuss your fundraiser, get in touch with for more information

The Programming Committee is comprised of Class Representatives and members who stand and are elected at our Annual General Meeting, and other members meetings throughout the year. Please get in touch with Karin Tokunaga, your Events Convenor and chair of the Programming Committee, to find out more about Members Meetings.

Programming Committee Dates 2019-2020

Wednesday October 30th at 12 Noon, Assembly Hall (For the programme period 31st October – January 31st)

Wednesday 29th January at 12 Noon, Assembly Hall (For the programme period 30th January – April 17th)

Wednesday 22nd April at 12 Noon, Assembly Hall (For the programme period 23rd April – 4th September)

Previous Programming Committee Minutes 

Minutes are available on Canvas.