Student Initiated Project Funding

The Students’ Association has £4500 to allocate each year towards student initiated projects that fall outside of the curriculum. We also have an additional £1500 dedicated to supporting student publishing projects, supported by Friends of GSA. 

We run an open call for applications 3 times a year, drop in advice sessions are available in advance of each deadline should you need a hand with your application. These are led by staff within the Association. Application forms for any upcoming open calls can be downloaded from our website. Project funding applications are then reviewed and awarded by our SRC Funding Committee, meaning that decision making on applications is led and managed by students. 

Applications are sent at least two weeks in advance of the deadline, and will be available via your student email and CANVAS.

Applications can be submitted to the Student Engagement team in PDF format, with all documents and any supporting images (optional) included in one PDF file. Please title your application with your full name. 

Applicants are then asked to present their proposals to the GSASA Funding committee. The funding committee will then review the applications.

We’re excited to receive your applications and hear about your ideas!

Your GSASA Student Engagement team