Re-Opening of The Art School and The Vic Bar4th October, 2018

From the week beginning 22nd October, The Art School and beloved Vic Bar of the Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association will reopen its doors to students and the general public, following the second fire of the Mackintosh Building in June. The period of closure was, and continues to be, an ongoing test of the resilience of our students, staff and wider community.

Harry Gould, President of the Students’ Association said of the re-opening, “The re-opening of The Art School, particularly to our student community, hopefully will feel like introducing an element of normality back into life at The Glasgow School of Art. As well as students, we really want to be able to provide an lively, open and welcoming space for the local residents, businesses and surrounding communities, who have and still face challenges relating to the fire.”

The Art School is open to all and strives to create a welcoming and accessible space for folk to enjoy the programme of club nights, events, exhibitions and performances; spend time in the Vic Bar; and enjoy our affordable, varied menu with plenty of vegan and veggie options.

Following the re-opening of The Vic, student life will fully resume with the annual Hallowe’en club night curated by Sgàire Wood, Events Convenor of the Students’ Association. We’re really excited to welcome everyone back to the scaffolding funhouse.

GarnetHELL: The Art School Hallowe’en
Friday October 26th 11pm – 3am
The Art School, 20 Scott Street, Glasgow

£8/£7 GSA – tickets available online now

The Art School has risen from the ashes and she wants her REVENGE! Battle your way to GARNETHELL for a multi-storey, button-mashing, undie-soiling, nightmare fuelling Hallowe’en horror survival extravaganza! Plug in your memory card, save your game and go head to head with international bosses of boogie:

CHIKA (Tokyo)
皚桐 (Glasgow)

In the coming days there will be a full listings announcement of the re-commencing monthly schedule of programming at The Art School. Among the highlights to be announced include a new venue take over by label NUMBERS, a new FUSE event by fresh Glasgow collective VAJ Power and the welcome return of the Vic’s Infamous Sgairaoke! performance club. There will also be gig announcements including live shows by Beak, David August and Sunflower Bean.

GSASA Guide 2018-1910th September, 2018

Download the GSASA Guide 2018-19

You can pick up a beautiful paper copy of our year-long welcome to life at GSASA, along with our Freshers’ Week pull-out, at your Academic Induction this week or at the Fair on Wednesday 12th September in the Glue Factory – but here’s a handy digital version too.

You can see the full GSASA Freshers’ Programme here.




Welcome to Freshers’ Week 201831st August, 2018

Hayyyy students!

Welcome to Freshers’ 2018!

So this is obviously a sliiightly different Freshers Week, what with the Mack burning down (again lol smh) and our usual venue for all of these events gathering dust and mould behind the cordon lines on Scott Street.

We’re like, totally excited however, to bring you a programme of events being held at venues all across our fair city! From Argyle Street Arches to The Glue Factory to Kinning Park Complex, this Freshers will be a whistle stop tour of some of the spaces you’ll come to know and love as a GSA student and graduate. In the past, it has taken years for some particularly sheltered shut-ins (hey stop looking at me!) to even venture south of the Clyde, so consider this a head start.

OMG this is so exciting! You’re commencing your study at one of the world’s most prestigious art schools, although perhaps it won’t feel like that right away. For years now, the GSASA has at least been a glittering jewel amongst the slurry that is GSA’s NSS results and we’re very proud of that! If you want to attend a party, organise your own party, exhibit a selection of drawings you did at a party or even organise a talk dissecting the ethics of parties in general, get in touch! We love that shit and we have the funds and spaces to help you make your dreams a (sort of) reality!

Trust me when I say that long lasting alliances will be forged during Freshers Week, so go out and have fun

 with your flatmates, coursemates, the hottie you met in the lift in halls, ANYONE you can get your grubby lil mitts on! Now’s the time to have fun and make friends before it all gets stressful and they have to console you during your hand-in breakdowns (hehe) so carpe diem, sis!

Seriously though, please drink responsibly, sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching, eat, pray, love and if it all goes tits up, PM me babe.

Happy hunger games, bitches!

Sgàire Wood,

Events Convenor


The Art School remains closed until further notice1st August, 2018

We can confirm that we will now remain closed whilst we await further updates from the relevant authorities. All events in the near future have been cancelled or postponed, please refer to our what’s on page for details on specific events. We are hopeful that we can resume normal business soon and will update as soon as we have more information. We appreciate the importance of the Students’ Association and The Vic to our students and surrounding communities and we very much look forward to seeing you all soon.
With love,
The Art School Team x X x

Mackintosh Building Fire16th June, 2018

There has been a major fire in the Mackintosh Building last night, Friday 15th June. The incident is still ongoing and the site is currently under the control of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services. The GSA and all of its buildings, including us, will remain closed for the next week. For further updates and information see the Glasgow School of Art website.

If you were planning on attending any of the events that were scheduled please contact the various organisers or the appropriate member of our team and we will do our best to get back to you.

All your messages of support have been greatly appreciated.

With love,

The Art School Team


Event: Double Thrills // Project X & Project O27th February, 2018

Project X meets Project O in a Double Dance Double Delight Double Thrills!

We are Project X; a dance collective in Glasgow and we have curated a very special edition of ‘Double Thrills!’ BUZZCUT’s monthly nights of experimental performance and live art.

We are so excited to welcome the incredible Project O who will present their six hour unfolding ritualistic dance work Voodoo. Throughout the evening, we will occupy the building, occupy time and occupy space with bursts of performances from some of our associated artists.

We invite you to an immersive evening of dance.

Tickets are £10 (£8 concession). You can buy a ticket selecting which 2 hour performance of Voodoo you would like to see and you will be able to see Project X around the building for free between 21:00 – 23:00.


PROJECT X Various locations in the Art School 21:00 – 23:00

Project X will present a series of new work in development by our associate artists which will erupt and interrupt across the building. They will occur multiple times over the course of the night so you can catch them whichever Voodoo performance you head to.

Project X are an artist collective who champion dances within the African Diaspora in Scotland. Project X host conversations, workshops and performances. Project X is a collaboration and we celebrate the cross-pollination of identities, ideas and forms.

Developed by Mele Broomes, Ashanti Harris and Rhea Lewis.


PROJECT O // VOODOO The Assembly Hall 18:00 – 20:00 / 20:00 – 22:00 (BSL interpreted) / 22:00 – 00:00

Out of the ashes time, Voodoo rises. A 2 hour show, mutating over the course of 6 hours as it is performed 3 times a night in a live cleansing ritual; a clash of tongues, continents, histories and bodies.

We invite you to lose time with us, and enter into a performance that explores bodies as vessels, channels through which we can fall back into histories, step forward into futures and lean sideways into alternative realities. A ritual for tapping our individual and collective power as unbound agents of multiplicity. An attempt to never be caught or trapped, to visit and leave behind former selves, to move and to transform and to celebrate the radical power of dance.

A dance as cartography, mapping the movement of our memories and the gaps in our knowledge of what went on before, those histories that are repeatedly erased by being unspoken. We have been training our bodies to fall through time, conjuring new futures and describing misremembered pasts as we commune with ghosts and search for our ancestors. It will go on and we will go on.

Haunted by the voices of the ancestors and the sound of beating drums, by tales of brutal devil women with pigs feet, of little Bimiwili trapped inside the Zimwi’s drum, half-remembered from childhood, we think again about how best to use dance to explore, heal and challenge the violence of systematic oppression that haunts our every step. This dance is an ode to the present. It’s durational unfolding becomes a science fiction that addresses the desire, confusion and responsibility of being a single subject who is also a symbol of many long-persecuted people – we are one, and we are many.

Voodoo asks you to pay your respects, make peace with your dead and ours, question your reality, lay down your defences and dance.

Project O (the collaborative supernova between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small) make work that aims to continually address, reevaluate, intervene, comment upon, resist and celebrate the fallout from being born black, mixed and female in 21st Century UK.

Our starting points shift as we look, converse and interrogate what we see and feel around us. In the folding, seemingly endless weight of structural racism (obvious or latent) and white supremacy that has rendered so many invisible and unheard, our politics are intimate and urgent. We craft choreographic scores and environments to celebrate, challenge and exorcise. All our work is driven by our engagement with dance practices but the creative outcome includes works ranging from shows for theatres to performance lectures, free schools and DJ sets. We experiment with alternative ways our bodies can be present and visible (on stage or off), and ways that we can be present and visible in our bodies for ourselves. One of our compositional enquiries is around inviting audiences to consider their own shifting positions and identities – an attempt to acknowledge that all are complicit in these systems of oppression.

Voodoo is a Sadler’s Wells commission. Co-commission by Cambridge Junction and Chelsea Theatre (2015). Voodoo is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by Dance Research Studio.

Double Thrills is presented by BUZZCUT and The Art School with funding from Creative Scotland and support from The Work Room.

Event: Knots – The Unofficial Celtic Connections Fringe Festival10th January, 2018

Every January, Celtic Connections takes over the city of Glasgow for three mellifluous weeks. Knots is a free day long festival taking place in the Art School on 27th January and constitutes a space in which some of the complex themes that arise from Celtic Connections can be unravelled. What are the connections between ‘Celtic’ culture and authenticity, tradition, ownership, exclusion and appropriation? Who is included or excluded by Celtic tradition and how do we navigate these issues in 2018?

Join us for an afternoon of workshops and conversations with speakers from Scotland and beyond, untying the tangled web of issues facing the contemporary Celt and exploring some of the many interlaced intricacies of Celtic tradition.

Stick around afterwards for an evening of performances from artists and musicians navigating the frayed fringes of the Celtic world, weaving all things left field, weird and noisy into colourful interpretations of the traditional. The event will be followed by a wild jam session for sharing the dingier depths of your repertoires well into the night!

Featured Artists and Speakers include…

Talk + Q&A – An Ecology of the Imagination: Suffering, Faerie and Some Farther Reaches of Human Being

Writer, activist and human ecologist Professor Alastair McIntosh grew up on the Isle of Lewis. His books include Hell & High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition on the cultural and spiritual dimensions of climate change, Rekindling Community on the spiritual basis of inter-relationship, and Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power on land reform and environmental protection – the latter described as “world changing” by George Monbiot, “life changing” by the Bishop of Liverpool and “truly mental” by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

This talk will draw on his latest book, Poacher’s Pilgrimage (Birlinn), to explore the artist’s role as healer as seen through the lens of faerie and PTSD.

Talk – Aggressive Anachronisms

Megan Jones is a medievalist based in Glasgow. Her research interests involve the post-medieval legacy and reception of the Middle Ages and the ideological potency of the period in modern discourses. She is currently investigating the malleable forms the Middle Ages take in contemporary culture, with a particular focus on the weaponisation of the period by racist/nationalist groups. Underpinning this is an interest in how the Middle Ages are taught and sold to the public and what steps can be taken to democratise them.

Following the death and violence of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017, the mainstream and alternative far-right’s use of the Middle Ages as an ideological tool has entered popular consciousness. As such, this discussion seeks to examine the rise of neomedieval and neo-Celtic tropes, rhetoric, and images as used by these far-right groups in post-9/11 North America, and to understand how neomedievalism and Celtic imagery are being weaponised to dismantle a multicultural future.

Talk: Keep Glasgow Weird: A whistle stop tour through the fringes of the folk scene

Stewart Smith is a music journalist and academic. A regular contributor to The Wire, The Quietus, The List and Bandcamp Daily, he covers jazz, improvised music and the Scottish underground. He completed his PhD on Ian Hamilton Finlay and Alec Finlay in 2016. His research interests include Scottish studies and alternative cultural histories, taking in modern poetry and the avant-garde, small press publishing, visual art and music. He currently teaches at Newcastle University.

Evening performance

Content warning: mental health, gendered violence, homophobia
Alasdair Roberts is a Glasgow-based musician, primarily a guitarist and singer. He has worked with Drag City Records since 1997, firstly releasing three albums of self-written material under the name Appendix Out and then several albums under his own name, the most recent being Pangs (2017). He has recently finished making a record with David McGuinness on piano and Amble Skuse on electronics, exploring eight traditional Scots ballads. Debbie Armour is a Glasgow-based musician who works in the fields of performance and community facilitation. She runs an open-access choir in Govanhill and is the lead artist for Wee Linties, an ongoing archive project of children’s song and games. She has a particular interest in traditional songs in Scots, English, Gaelic and other European languages.

In this unique performance, Alasdair and Debbie will share some traditional ballads and songs, discussing their research and repertoire selection processes. This will lead to an open conversation about how we navigate songs filled with triggering content- sexual violence, suicide, colonialism, transphobia and homophobia. Do we censor content or do we embrace the conversations they provoke?

DJ set and late night session lead

Kitty brings her weekly Subcity radio show Dangerous Songs to The Vic Bar to keep us company between acts. Playful and provocative, Dangerous Songs dissects the folk tradition both in America and the UK. From Blues to the Folk Revival of the 60s right up to the present day, Kitty explores folk music’s impact and meaning as a source of comfort, relief and freedom for the working classes who kept it alive, as well as its use as a tool of protest and activism. Later in the evening she will be leading our session.

Performance workshop and evening performance

Sgàire Wood is a Northern Irish artist and performer based in Glasgow. Specialising in emotive, drag-inspired lip-sync performance, her work explores issues of fragmented identity, nostalgia, nationality, mental illness and gender dysphoria. Combining high-energy remixes with fetishised elements of Celtic tradition, she deliberately confuses the folkloric with the hyper-modern, attempting to carve out an intimate space in club-environments for connection, catharsis and emotional exorcism.

Sgàire’s afternoon workshop will provide a relaxed and informal opportunity to consider the inherent performativity of identity expression and channel the thoughts and feelings that rise from this conversation, be they triumphant or traumatic, into personal, musical mini-performances.

Evening performance and daytime workshop

Quinie (Josie Vallely) is based in Glasgow and explores traditional Scots song. Inspired largely by Scots singers including Lizzie Higgins (1929-1993), her repertoire focuses on stories sung from women’s perspectives and collages of different source material. On her debut album, Vallely lends her keen, flinty voice to a cappella readings of great ballads, nonsense rhyme and arrangements of Scots words to sean-nós style melodies. Largely unaccompanied with occasional harmonium, dulcimer, and DIY beats providing scrapes, drones, and rhythms.

Evening performance

Oliver Pitt (Golden Teacher, Ultimate Thrush, Akashic records) is a Glasgow based musician. With a passion for strange and beautiful music, Ollie and Josie have been working together to combine traditional song with sporadic accompaniments on bouzouki, noises and general weird shit.

Evening performance

Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh is a viola player based in Dublin who aims to explore the versatility of the instrument primarily through experimental and improvised music. She combines minimalism, drone, stabbing atonal noise, buzzing textural examination, sawing riffing repetition, communal folk warmth and fluttery classicism. Her playing is virtuosic but unshowy, rapid and fluctuating but with a unity of purpose. She plays across Europe and Ireland with various groups, including Cian Nugent & the Cosmos, and has performed with Circuit des Yeux and Josephine Foster.

Installation and evening performance

Neil McDermott is a multi instrumentalist with fingers in loads of folk pies- represented at Knots by his recent visual work exploring the political folk song traditions in Scotland. He is interested in looking at the varied roles that music plays in conflict, in particular the musical protests to the Polaris and Trident submarine missile systems in the 1960s and 70s and the absence of any comparable protest to the commissioning of the Dreadnought class submarine, which will extend the presence of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde by a generation. He will also being playing during the evening performance.

Event: Gaika – The Spectacular Empire1st November, 2017

Tickets | Event

Welcome to a world in which authority has been removed and cities destroyed, a world where chaos reigns.

The Spectacular Empire is a speculative, ideologically utopian nation comprised of a network of artists, philosophers, technologists and Shamens, strongly committed to focusing their professional endeavours towards the promotion and protection of the progressive human values and ancient magic.

‘TSE’ deals with pop culture romance cliches juxtaposed with subtle and satirical political comments on the state of
our society, its future and the role of the artist within it.

It springs from and exists within the mind of the artist GAIKA, incorporating his worldview, something that will be fully examined in his debut album ‘BASIC VOLUME’ which will define the policy.

Join Gaika alongside a talented cast of like-minded musicians as he presents an explosive vision of the future.



Event: SAMHAIN – Hallowe’en10th October, 2017

Tickets | Event

Come children to this All Hallows Rave!

Feast thine hungry eyes on a Mummers’ Pageant! Be enchanted by fairies, goblins, ghosts and ghouls! Keen like the banshee! Soar like the harpy! Imbibe, chant and jumpstep widdershins around the bonfire to the Hecatean Rhythms and Hardcore Vibes of:


The PDA crew are coming through for the party! PDA is the brainchild of DJ trio Mischa Mafia, DJ Larry B, Crackstevens. Their nights don’t set out be anything except a celebratory event that invites DJs, collectives and performers, who share a similar ideology in mixing things up, to play for their peers! This includes British-Ghanaian DJ and producer Larry B who’s been tearing up south London for a few years now, as well as being the tour DJ for Mykki Blanco. His recent 5 Sad Songs EP revealed, he’s also a talented singer-songwriter, with some low key emotional numbers like Hit It Right.


The close knit community of dancers, lovers, clubbers and friends also have an iteration on NTS hosted by Mischa Mafia! Check out their long running show.


Completing the trio is the crazy talented director and DJ, crackstevens, who’s responsible for some stunning videos, including Farai’s Lion Warrior. His work is reflected in his mixes and music.

By and large the most terrifying day of being a moving image director so far #tunnelvision #katetempest

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An ensemble of old ravers who came together for a series of mixtapes, unearthing archives and ended up putting on parties in various bowling clubs dedicated to rave and hardcore around Glasgow –something that’s lead to a few more groups picking up on the notion! They’ve been off radar for a while, but now seems like the perfect time to throw some light on them.


Part of the Concrete Cabin group, DJ Crud is your premier ruffneck DJ. He’ll be serving a foray into the outer reaches of the Hardcore Continuum via the rolling concrète experimentalism of early Metalheadz/Science/Earth, the glassy Grime incursions of Wiley Kat/Black Ops/Slew Dem –all fused together with an array of beatless dread & contemporary ruffige. He’s also a very talented design and printmaker.


This 3-piece murk a brutal version of new wave, delivering a pummelling techno sound and the sharp dynamics of punk’s death throes in equal measure.


The haunting voice of Josie Valley explores traditional Scots song and storytelling. Inspired largely by Scots singers including the repertoire of Lizzie Higgins (1929-1993), she brings together a range of sources and sparse accompaniments. Her repertoire focuses on stories sung from women’s perspectives and collages of different source material.



SELKIE! from Craig Manson on Vimeo.


Throughout the night we’ll be welcoming some very talented performers who’ll be sharing new works with you and killing your timid notions of what a club experience is supposed to be!

And the fires shall burn
And the wheel of life shall turn
And the dead come back home on…



Club: OH141 w/ Pan Daijing, Sue Zuki & Gareth Roberts13th September, 2017

OH141 w/ Pan Daijing, Sue Zuki & Gareth Roberts
Sat 7th Oct

“Perched on the cutting edge where Berlin’s music and art scenes blur into one another, Pan Daijing‘s music is steeped in dark noise and cinematic atmospherics, drifting into eerie drone and twisted beats…”

…and that’s exactly why Pan is our first booking back after a much needed break!

Join us as she makes her Glasgow debut for a live set with support from NTS Radio’s SUE ZUKI and Domestic Exile’s Gareth Roberts.

You can check out each of their sounds below but in the meantime we’ve put up a limited number of £7 tickets for the heads that cannot afford the full price on the night.

See you at the Vic Bar on October 7th 🙂