Coming Up! March 4th – 9th1st March, 2019

Just some of the things we're looking forwards to. 
Therapets, International Women's Day, club nights + more...

Before we take you into next week, a lil reminder that tonight (Fri 1 March) we have Bersua Zine & Exhibition in Project Space 1 at 6pm; new night SELF DESTRUCT at 11pm and then on Saturday we welcome back the Peach crew for their 9th Edition !!!

Therapets: Paws Against Stress

Wednesday 6th March, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, The Assembly Hall

Real life dogs are coming into the Assembly Hall and you can touch and cuddle them!!! We don’t need to tell you why this is amazing (unless you don’t like dogs…) Spaces will run out fast for this one so sign up ASAP (tickets via Eventrbite out soon). Thanks Canine Concern Scotland Trust for opening up your furry arms to us. Need we say more?


This is the final event running as part of Limbo: Wellbeing at The Art School.

International Women’s Day

Friday 8th March, all day

GSA Intersectional Feminism Society have organised an International Women’s Day Exhibition in collaboration with Uncovered Artistry!!

The exhibition will be held in Project Spaces 1 & 2. Opening preview is 5-7pm on Friday 8th March and the exhibition will remain open until 3pm on Saturday.

More info here.

A wise old sage once said that the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun, so what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 than at a Sgàiraoke LaDiE’s NiGhT special!!!

Saturday 9th March, 5 – 8pm, The Assembly Hall

Please join us for the first Community Meal at The Art School with Ubuntu Women Shelter, and in celebration of International Women’s Day*!

*Please note that this is a women only (trans & non-binary inclusive) event.



Friday 8th March, 11pm – 3am, The Assembly Hall

Climb out of the primordial slime and join us for a night of posthuman spectacle. In the G R E E N S C R E E N, be anyone or anything, leave the physical form and binary bullshit behind and embrace of the sweet caress of cyberspace.

CYBORGS ARE CREATURES OF THE POST GENDER WORLD a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality and of fiction. A queer body is anything you make it, be whatever you want to be, camp up your life and unravel the real with our in-house green screen and join our INTEGRATED CIRCUIT

G R E E N S C R E E N is the latest mutation of the annual queer painting and printing fundraiser .




+++ £7/8 Tickets Available Now+++

LOFT {NTS / Astral Plane / boygirl} w/ boosterhooch and Coy Hirn

Saturday 9th March, 11am – 3pm

Recommended Reading:

DJs Coy Hirn and boosterhooch continue bringing the very best up the road from Manchester – this time with LOFT !!! This is their first time playing Glasgow and we cannot wait for it!

£5 b4 12, £6 aftr


Mon – Thu: 10:00 – 00:00 Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 03:00

We’re not just parties, workshops and exhibitions, the Vic Bar is open Mon – Sat, serving a range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails! Food is available 12pm – 10pm. Check out our menu with small plates starting from £2.50!

Drag Brunch at The Vic Bar, 23-02-19, photography by Matthew Arthur Williams

In conversation: 皚桐 and AKUMU悪夢26th February, 2019

Headliner 皚桐 interviews AKUMU悪夢 about some of the motivations for starting new night SELFDESTRUCT.

SELFDESTRUCT launches this Friday 1st March, check out the chilling trailer below – viewer discretion is advised. 😈😈😈

Horror Visuals, SELFDESTRUCT 01 – 03 -19

[皚桐] What inspired you to put on this night?

[AKUMU悪夢] I’m in a circle of friends and in a relationship with someone who puts on their own nights– it’s always nice to be surrounded by the music you enjoy and the friends you love and I wanted in on that. Plus Glasgow can also feel very techno heavy and that’s not really my scene, I wanted to bring the stuff that I enjoy into this city ‘cause I don’t think there’s a lot of it.

[皚桐] Yeah, I definitely agree that Glasgow can sometimes feel kinda techno focussed and that can get monotonous. What made you decide to specifically showcase East Asian DJ’s?

[AKUMU悪夢] I didn’t necessarily wanna do an ‘asian’ thing but there are so many good East asian DJ’s and producers out there that I would like to see play and one way to guarantee seeing them is if i’m the one booking [laughs]. Also with me being half Japanese… this is, like, my way of celebrating my background and hopefully bringing together other people of East Asian descent. Also, I don’t know if you get this thing, I used to get it a lot growing up but when i’d see another East Asian person i’d get really excited and i’d want to talk to them. I want this club night to be where I can actually meet those people!

[皚桐] I hear you for sure. I think when you grow up in a place where most people don’t look like you, seeing someone who does look like you always makes me intrigued as to who that person is and how they got here.

[AKUMU悪夢] And I really want to improve my Japanese, my Japanese sucks! If i can meet a friend who can help me practice, that would be so great! This night is entirely self serving.

[皚桐] Same– I really want more friends who can speak cantonese cos i’m also needing to practice and learn and it’s so hard to find the right people. Speaking of when you were young, how did you get into electronic music?

[AKUMU悪夢] I didn’t start listening to electronic music till i was like, 22 or maybe 23?– when Clams Casino got really big. I was then introduced to Ryan Hemsworth and this group called Friendzone who at the time made instrumental rap beats that were very melodic and ‘japanese anime’ inspired. That really started my journey into looking for more electronic music.

[皚桐] I always assumed you were someone who started listening to electronic music really young but I guess I was wrong!

[AKUMU悪夢] [laughs] How come you say that?

[皚桐] I guess i feel like you’re someone who knows what you like? Like, you have a pretty distinct sound?

[AKUMU悪夢] I think the stuff I DJ just reflects my general interests… you can see it in my illustration work as well. I take my inspiration from many different things, Japanese films, animations, manga, video games, the overarching theme is that they are always horror related but that doesn’t mean that it’s always just heavy and dark, sometimes it’s also kinda cute– there’s different sides to it.

[皚桐] It’s always great to see you play because you are just putting yourself out there. It always feels incredibly genuine. How come the night’s called Self Destruct?

[AKUMU悪夢] The night’s named after a Pokemon move [laughs]. I guess it makes sense as well in that, when you’re going to a club, there’s the potential to self destruct, through testing boundaries, drinking, etc. I’m hoping the name stands out and intrigues people into coming.

[皚桐] Any last words to the Japanese and East Asian people reading?

[AKUMU悪夢] Come! Would love to meet you!

SELFDESTRUCT : 11pm – 3am, 01 – 03 – 19, more info here


Coming Up! Feb 25th – Mar 2nd22nd February, 2019

Just some of the things we're looking forwards to. 
Workshops, club nights and some new treats behind the bar...

Before we take you into next week, a lil reminder that tonight (Fri 22nd), the Occupied lot are back in the Vic Bar, 11pm-3am and this time with their good friend Closke! Come thru and then power thru your hangover at Drag Brunch, 11am – 3pm tomorrow!

G.O.D.S: Movement Workshop

27th February, 3:30pm – 5:30pm, Assembly Hall

“Since the power to be affected and to affect, to be moved and move, […] is constitutive of the body, there is an immanent politics residing in it: the capacity to transform itself, others, and the world.”

Sylvia Federici
Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) Courtesy of Emilia Beatriz

This workshop begins with the moving, dancing body. Drawing from a wide constellation of practices, propositions, exercises, scores, perspectives and people, we will work with the act of movement and dance as an exploration of what the body can do, it capacities, it’s languages and its articulations.

Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) was founded in 2011 by artists Romany Dear, Letitia Pleiades and Ashanti Harris.

Further info and tickets available here.

This workshop is taking place as part of the month long festival, LIMBO: Wellbeing @ The Art School



In the pipeline for a while, this is SELFDESTRUCT’s first party at The Art School and we just can’t wait for you to see what’s in store! Run by AKUMU 悪夢, SELFDESTRUCT is a night that will headline femme DJs of Eastern Asian origin each and every time!

11pm – 3am, £5/6 otd



We’re excited to be welcoming PEACH back for their second party at The Art School with a line up that is not to be missed!




Read Peach Boss K4CIE’s interview w/ Crack Magazine

Still not sure what to expect? Check out pics from the 8th edition here!


Mon – Thu: 10:00 – 00:00 Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 03:00

We’re not just parties, workshops and exhibitions, the Vic Bar is open Mon – Sat, serving a range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails! Food is available 12pm – 10pm. Check out our menu with small plates starting from £2.50!

We’ve got some new treats (and old favourites) from our pals over at Drygate, including a couple of their recent barrel-aged releases. We also have the following latest releases on tap from their small batch Spectrum range:

  • Up Helle Aa – 5.1% Peach Milk Lager
  • Summer Bay – 4.8% Summer & Galaxy Pale Ale
  • San Junipero – 6.9% Juniper Saison

Not to mention all draught and ‘yellow sticker’ beers from our beer fridge are on the ‘any meal + drink for £9.50’ deal!


February is LGBT History Month and we’re getting closer to the end but it’s not over yet!

At the beginning of the month we hosted the first of GSA Queer Society’s ‘Queer Soc Presents’ series which started with lecture by Mel Reeve on Bi History in the Assembly Hall. Mel is the marvellous human behind the @bihistory Instagram; a page that explores the history of bisexuality and highlights the role of bi activists in LGBTQ+ history.

Check out this article on Autostraddle where Mel discusses how her search for Bisexual History led to online connection and community, and keep an eye on Queer Soc’s page for their upcoming events!

Mel Reeve’s Bi History Lecture at The Art School, image courtesy Alice Andrews

Continuing our LGBT History Month celebrations this week we have two events supported by Queer Times School and the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).

“Developed over 18 months through a series of assemblies where participants chronicled their marginalised histories, Queer Times School is an art project that resulted in 10 prints depicting the obscured and overlooked experiences of LGBTQ+ people, to enter the permanent Glasgow Museums’ collection.”

As part of the public programme for the exhibition queer times school prints, currently on view at GoMA we’re proud to be present A Big Queer Powerpoint Night on Thursday 21st February @ 7pm with hostess with the mostest and headmistress of the night Claire Biddles in The Vic Bar. Expect an evening of queer learning in all its fabulous forms and manifestations!!

See here for further info and a full list of speakers on the night!

Saturday’s event is the 2nd instalment in a new daytime favourite exercising its right to identify as neither breakfast nor lunch! Drag Brunch @The Vic Bar runs from 11am until 3pm, is hosted by the inimitable Sgàire Wood, drag artist, model and lucky for us Events Convenor at The Art School.

Drag Brunch features piping-hot performances and some of the best brunch and cocktail/mocktail deals in town!

Get all the info you need to either soothe Friday night’s hangover or congratulate yourself on a good night’s rest here.

You can check out other events happening as part of LGBT History Month Scotland @

THIS FRIDAY// FUSE by VAJ.Power //AGENCY LAUNCH //13th February, 2019

💥 FUSE returns to The Art School for their first party of 2019 💥

Celebrating the launch of their newly created agency, dedicated to pushing bass heavy and experimental sound in Scotland 💦

Full roster 👉

The talent from Glasgow and beyond :


💥Nova Scotia the Truth


💥Evil Medvěd (Live)



…and VAJ.Power

Live visuals ⚪️ Live electronics ⚪️ dubstep ⚪️ club ⚪️ grime ⚪️ uk funky ⚪️ bass  + more

15th of February


£5 b4 12 // £7 GSA/8 after

⚫️ TIX ONLY OTD so come early to grab a space  ⚫️

Read more about VAJ.Power in their interview with The Skinny

Re-Opening of The Art School and The Vic Bar4th October, 2018

From the week beginning 22nd October, The Art School and beloved Vic Bar of the Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association will reopen its doors to students and the general public, following the second fire of the Mackintosh Building in June. The period of closure was, and continues to be, an ongoing test of the resilience of our students, staff and wider community.

Harry Gould, President of the Students’ Association said of the re-opening, “The re-opening of The Art School, particularly to our student community, hopefully will feel like introducing an element of normality back into life at The Glasgow School of Art. As well as students, we really want to be able to provide an lively, open and welcoming space for the local residents, businesses and surrounding communities, who have and still face challenges relating to the fire.”

The Art School is open to all and strives to create a welcoming and accessible space for folk to enjoy the programme of club nights, events, exhibitions and performances; spend time in the Vic Bar; and enjoy our affordable, varied menu with plenty of vegan and veggie options.

Following the re-opening of The Vic, student life will fully resume with the annual Hallowe’en club night curated by Sgàire Wood, Events Convenor of the Students’ Association. We’re really excited to welcome everyone back to the scaffolding funhouse.

GarnetHELL: The Art School Hallowe’en
Friday October 26th 11pm – 3am
The Art School, 20 Scott Street, Glasgow

£8/£7 GSA – tickets available online now

The Art School has risen from the ashes and she wants her REVENGE! Battle your way to GARNETHELL for a multi-storey, button-mashing, undie-soiling, nightmare fuelling Hallowe’en horror survival extravaganza! Plug in your memory card, save your game and go head to head with international bosses of boogie:

CHIKA (Tokyo)
皚桐 (Glasgow)

In the coming days there will be a full listings announcement of the re-commencing monthly schedule of programming at The Art School. Among the highlights to be announced include a new venue take over by label NUMBERS, a new FUSE event by fresh Glasgow collective VAJ Power and the welcome return of the Vic’s Infamous Sgairaoke! performance club. There will also be gig announcements including live shows by Beak, David August and Sunflower Bean.

GSASA Guide 2018-1910th September, 2018

Download the GSASA Guide 2018-19

You can pick up a beautiful paper copy of our year-long welcome to life at GSASA, along with our Freshers’ Week pull-out, at your Academic Induction this week or at the Fair on Wednesday 12th September in the Glue Factory – but here’s a handy digital version too.

You can see the full GSASA Freshers’ Programme here.




Welcome to Freshers’ Week 201831st August, 2018

Hayyyy students!

Welcome to Freshers’ 2018!

So this is obviously a sliiightly different Freshers Week, what with the Mack burning down (again lol smh) and our usual venue for all of these events gathering dust and mould behind the cordon lines on Scott Street.

We’re like, totally excited however, to bring you a programme of events being held at venues all across our fair city! From Argyle Street Arches to The Glue Factory to Kinning Park Complex, this Freshers will be a whistle stop tour of some of the spaces you’ll come to know and love as a GSA student and graduate. In the past, it has taken years for some particularly sheltered shut-ins (hey stop looking at me!) to even venture south of the Clyde, so consider this a head start.

OMG this is so exciting! You’re commencing your study at one of the world’s most prestigious art schools, although perhaps it won’t feel like that right away. For years now, the GSASA has at least been a glittering jewel amongst the slurry that is GSA’s NSS results and we’re very proud of that! If you want to attend a party, organise your own party, exhibit a selection of drawings you did at a party or even organise a talk dissecting the ethics of parties in general, get in touch! We love that shit and we have the funds and spaces to help you make your dreams a (sort of) reality!

Trust me when I say that long lasting alliances will be forged during Freshers Week, so go out and have fun

 with your flatmates, coursemates, the hottie you met in the lift in halls, ANYONE you can get your grubby lil mitts on! Now’s the time to have fun and make friends before it all gets stressful and they have to console you during your hand-in breakdowns (hehe) so carpe diem, sis!

Seriously though, please drink responsibly, sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching, eat, pray, love and if it all goes tits up, PM me babe.

Happy hunger games, bitches!

Sgàire Wood,

Events Convenor


The Art School remains closed until further notice1st August, 2018

We can confirm that we will now remain closed whilst we await further updates from the relevant authorities. All events in the near future have been cancelled or postponed, please refer to our what’s on page for details on specific events. We are hopeful that we can resume normal business soon and will update as soon as we have more information. We appreciate the importance of the Students’ Association and The Vic to our students and surrounding communities and we very much look forward to seeing you all soon.
With love,
The Art School Team x X x

Mackintosh Building Fire16th June, 2018

There has been a major fire in the Mackintosh Building last night, Friday 15th June. The incident is still ongoing and the site is currently under the control of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services. The GSA and all of its buildings, including us, will remain closed for the next week. For further updates and information see the Glasgow School of Art website.

If you were planning on attending any of the events that were scheduled please contact the various organisers or the appropriate member of our team and we will do our best to get back to you.

All your messages of support have been greatly appreciated.

With love,

The Art School Team