Tom Joyes – Machine Gaze Moving Images29th June, 2016

Jennifer Spangerud & Rebecca Lindsmyr – One is not Born, but Rather Becomes29th June, 2016

Simone de Beauvoir once expressed that one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. Through this quote she argues that femininity does not arise from differences in biology, psychology, or intellect. Rather, femininity is a construction of civilization. Woman is not born fully formed; she is shaped by her upbringing. Through the title we have excluded the word woman, to expand the concept and also to highlight its possible limitations regarding a likewise fluctuating physical body. In our artistic practice we unite in the perception of the body as a neither permanent nor definable entity. However, how we aesthetically respond to the body as a subject matter is in direct contrast to each other; the clinical set against the beastly. In this exhibition these two entry points are brought together to generate a conversation between different approaches to the body.

– Jennifer Spangerud & Rebecca Lindsmyr

Robert Mills & Elaine Ang – Future Fuelled Failure29th June, 2016

Soyfa Staune & Holly McGowan – I.N. (Inside Nothing)29th June, 2016

Eve Goulden, Marta Djourina, & Sara Eva Samuelsson – I Can See My House from Here1st February, 2016

Rosie Malachi & Dylan Meade – Sticky Honey27th January, 2016

Sticky Honey was a pop-up cinema night organised by Rosie Malachi & Dylan Meade with the intention of giving artists a new platform in Glasgow to showcase experimental video works. A special installation by Sarah Courtney was commissioned for the entrance of the event and films from over 20 different artists were screened.

The initial open call asked artists to submit short films that challenged mainstream ideals of fantasy & sexuality, films with an emphasis on liberation, the politics and poetry of the body, or queer & feminist ideals. With the one guideline of “A night dedicated to exploration & expression. As explicit or non explicit, obscure, far out or fantastical as you like….”

The event was hosted by WAVEparticle ‘Open Spaces’ at the Cleland Lane Arches in Laurieston and produced with funding from the GSA SRC & GSASA.

Films Screened came from: David Ian Griess, Krystof Kucera, Sofya Staune, Daisy Chetwin, Eilish Dougan, Honey Jones-Hughes, Grace Higgins Brown, Kelly Doak, Vik Quickly, Slawomir Krzyzak, Holly McLean, Lachlan McFeely Bolt, Tara Marshall-Tierney, Robert Mills, Kirsty Leonard, Dylan Meade, Rosie Malachi, Conor Baird, Josephine Lohoar Self, Fay Nyxturna, Graham Bell Tornado.

Callum Young – bubblegumPINK18th January, 2016

This video installation by Callum Young is centered around his film PINKseduction that’s based on ideas of compulsion, sexual desire and greed. Using an apple as a symbol of the mundane, Callum attempts to create feelings of discomfort and a sense of arousal by immersing it in pink liquid and utilising various sensory techniques. A Binaural Beat, an auditory illusion, created a slight sonic vibration in the room with dual frequency tones (40hz and 128hz) chosen to give a sense of removal and subjection. An overwhelming smell of bubblegum was also present to create an environment that Callum describes as bubblegumPINK.

Art School in Action3rd September, 2015

Poster Designs by Jessica Taylor

7 – 10 September, 11am-5pm
Project Space 3

Art School in Action (1970-1986) looks at the approaches to teaching at Glasgow School of Art in the 1970s and 1980s. The exhibition centres on a series of podcasts produced as part of GSA’s research project, New Wave: Materials, Methods and Mediums, Glasgow School of Art 1970-1986 alongside artefacts, ephemera and documentation from the School’s archives.

From the 1960s onwards art schools across the UK underwent a shift in emphasis in approaches to teaching visual art following the first Coldstream Report in 1960. Radical and alternative teaching practices begin to emerge in art schools such as Hornsey College of Art, Ealing School of Art and Central St Martins. Appearing at a time of fundamental change in the framework of art school education as colleges gradually shift from awarding diplomas towards awarding degrees. These two factors contributed to an increased critical reflection, external engagement and interdisciplinary working within art schools at this time. The 1970s and 1980s marked a crucial turning point in pedagogy at Glasgow School of Art. Art School in Action explores this especially fertile period in GSA’s history and considers its legacy. Particular attention is paid to extra-curricular activities, first-year pedagogy and the introduction of new courses in Fine Art that no longer exist.

This exhibition is curated by Debi Banerjee and Susannah Waters. It received partial funding from the Design History Society.


Visual Perception Workshop has been formulated in response to Debi Banerjee’s archival research into the experimental practices emerging from Ted Odling’s Section 5 of First Year Studies at Glasgow School of Art from 1965-1982. The workshops are inspired by Odling’s perspective exercises, and seek to explore ways of looking and seeing through apparatus and devices. The workshops aim to recontextualise Odling’s methods in light of recurring discussions surrounding film and moving image practices at GSA and contemporary technological advancements.

The first workshop will take place during the Material Culture in Action conference, taking as its starting point an exercise devised by Odling that had students animate basic geometric shapes to music. The workshop aims to address this haptic relationship to filmic material by utilising low-fi animation techniques and materials.

Using the animations generated during the first workshop, the second Body Language workshop, will take place during Freshers Week and will function as an interpretation of Odling’s initial exercise. Developed in collaboration with current GSA student MollyMae Whawell, this movement based workshop will explore the spatial and material capacities of Odlings research drawing upon notions of embodiment, exploring how we calibrate our bodies in space.

These workshops are devised and will be led by Debi Banerjee, Research Assistant, Susannah Waters, Archivist and Kirsty Hendry, Student Engagement Co-ordinator, GSA Students’ Association

Martha Simms – Deadly Insta-KIll Selfie Assault Zone30th July, 2015


Rachael Berman Melville – Art is No Art, Art is No Art30th July, 2015