Event: Double Thrills // Project X & Project O 27th February, 2018

Project X meets Project O in a Double Dance Double Delight Double Thrills!

We are Project X; a dance collective in Glasgow and we have curated a very special edition of ‘Double Thrills!’ BUZZCUT’s monthly nights of experimental performance and live art.

We are so excited to welcome the incredible Project O who will present their six hour unfolding ritualistic dance work Voodoo. Throughout the evening, we will occupy the building, occupy time and occupy space with bursts of performances from some of our associated artists.

We invite you to an immersive evening of dance.

Tickets are £10 (£8 concession). You can buy a ticket selecting which 2 hour performance of Voodoo you would like to see and you will be able to see Project X around the building for free between 21:00 – 23:00.


PROJECT X Various locations in the Art School 21:00 – 23:00

Project X will present a series of new work in development by our associate artists which will erupt and interrupt across the building. They will occur multiple times over the course of the night so you can catch them whichever Voodoo performance you head to.

Project X are an artist collective who champion dances within the African Diaspora in Scotland. Project X host conversations, workshops and performances. Project X is a collaboration and we celebrate the cross-pollination of identities, ideas and forms.

Developed by Mele Broomes, Ashanti Harris and Rhea Lewis. www.projectxplatform.co.uk


PROJECT O // VOODOO The Assembly Hall 18:00 – 20:00 / 20:00 – 22:00 (BSL interpreted) / 22:00 – 00:00

Out of the ashes time, Voodoo rises. A 2 hour show, mutating over the course of 6 hours as it is performed 3 times a night in a live cleansing ritual; a clash of tongues, continents, histories and bodies.

We invite you to lose time with us, and enter into a performance that explores bodies as vessels, channels through which we can fall back into histories, step forward into futures and lean sideways into alternative realities. A ritual for tapping our individual and collective power as unbound agents of multiplicity. An attempt to never be caught or trapped, to visit and leave behind former selves, to move and to transform and to celebrate the radical power of dance.

A dance as cartography, mapping the movement of our memories and the gaps in our knowledge of what went on before, those histories that are repeatedly erased by being unspoken. We have been training our bodies to fall through time, conjuring new futures and describing misremembered pasts as we commune with ghosts and search for our ancestors. It will go on and we will go on.

Haunted by the voices of the ancestors and the sound of beating drums, by tales of brutal devil women with pigs feet, of little Bimiwili trapped inside the Zimwi’s drum, half-remembered from childhood, we think again about how best to use dance to explore, heal and challenge the violence of systematic oppression that haunts our every step. This dance is an ode to the present. It’s durational unfolding becomes a science fiction that addresses the desire, confusion and responsibility of being a single subject who is also a symbol of many long-persecuted people – we are one, and we are many.

Voodoo asks you to pay your respects, make peace with your dead and ours, question your reality, lay down your defences and dance.

Project O (the collaborative supernova between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small) make work that aims to continually address, reevaluate, intervene, comment upon, resist and celebrate the fallout from being born black, mixed and female in 21st Century UK.

Our starting points shift as we look, converse and interrogate what we see and feel around us. In the folding, seemingly endless weight of structural racism (obvious or latent) and white supremacy that has rendered so many invisible and unheard, our politics are intimate and urgent. We craft choreographic scores and environments to celebrate, challenge and exorcise. All our work is driven by our engagement with dance practices but the creative outcome includes works ranging from shows for theatres to performance lectures, free schools and DJ sets. We experiment with alternative ways our bodies can be present and visible (on stage or off), and ways that we can be present and visible in our bodies for ourselves. One of our compositional enquiries is around inviting audiences to consider their own shifting positions and identities – an attempt to acknowledge that all are complicit in these systems of oppression.

Voodoo is a Sadler’s Wells commission. Co-commission by Cambridge Junction and Chelsea Theatre (2015). Voodoo is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by Dance Research Studio.

Double Thrills is presented by BUZZCUT and The Art School with funding from Creative Scotland and support from The Work Room.