Nina Macpherson30th July, 2015

Will Kendrick – They Say Dreaming is Dead14th July, 2015

Hayley Dawson – Loaf18th May, 2015

Conor McDonald – This Switch is Fed from Elsewhere18th May, 2015


“expressed or written in the native language of a place”

What does the human mind experience when a journey is forced upon it,
When this same mind must choose to stay or go and accept death as a high probability?

This place, this native place, leaving, abandoning, fleeing, the native language must be left behind and if death does not subsume the body a new language, a new place will be forcibly absorbed into every cell of being. The container is split after its journey, ready for scrap, divided by its flame ridden incisions. A fire has burnt the corton steel into a palette of burnt umber, Prussian blue and venetian red. The violent cuts allow a striking lightning bolt of sunlight to draw its way in, circulating this rusted cold incubator of death.
Culminating in a corner, inhabited by a pool of still filthy oil ridden water. A blue vibrating magnified light sits on the surface of the pool, reverberating, rejoicing in its detachment from concerns of life and death.

Cón, 2014, Writings on Confinement, Notebook III

Robbie Thompson & Maraike Brüning – An Eyeful of Sound15th May, 2015

An Eyeful of Sound from Occupy Sound on Vimeo.

An Eyeful of Sound, a live improvised performance combining a grand piano and a sound reactive projection mapping installation. Inspired by the neurological phenomenon of synesthesia, in which one sensory experience causes an involuntary response of another.

Pianist: Maraike Brüning
Visuals & Concept: Robbie Thompson

Victoria Evans – Orb 2.029th April, 2015


Victoria Evans has a background in painting and narrative film and television. She is currently expanding her practice through a Masters Degree in the Sculpture and Environmental Art Department at Glasgow School of Art. Her research interests include philosophical ideas about embodied perception and being-in-the-world, as well the relationship between psychological absorption and physical immersion in audience experience. Orb 2.0 was the result of a three week residency in the Steeple Atrium at Wasps Studios at The Briggait.


Mads Holm & Paula Duvå – Alien’s Passport10th April, 2015

Mads Holm & Paula Duvå -  Alien's Passport

Mads Holm & Paula Duvå -  Alien's Passport

Mads Holm & Paula Duvå -  Alien's Passport

Hamish Chapman – Hollow Muscular Organ10th April, 2015

A series of floor sculptures juxtaposing hand-made and bought/manufactured objects/materials exploring themes of desire.

Hamish Chapman - Exhibition Overview
Exhibition Overview

2. Hamish Chapman, The Hollow Muscular Organ, 2015 copy
The Hollow Muscular Organ

Kiss Kiss” (with “A Touch of Pink”)

Votive Brain

Freya Fullarton – Titties like a Woman10th April, 2015

Solo show of Freya Fullerton.

Freya Fullerton - 15 shades of grey (approx.) (with pink accents)
15 shades of grey (approx.) (with pink accents)

Titties like a Woman

Freya Fullerton - BOLLOCKS TO YOU

Big Screen x Glasgow Short Film Festival | The Art School & CCA23rd March, 2015

For this year’s Glasgow Short Film Festival, Big Screen organised a non-stop barrage of student-made 1 minute short films.

Big Screen is a student led group at GSA that celebrates the value of the social experience of cinema; exploring obscure documentaries, ageing epics, cult horror and everything in between. Big Screen provides a platform for engaging in discussions surrounding the relationship between the cinematic and artist moving image and provides a valuable forum for sharing and discussing student moving image work.

Loosely based on the theme of ‘Transitions’, the evening brought together student moving image submitted through an open call. The audience then voted for their favourites – the top 3 were screened at the closing ceremony for GSFF at the CCA.

Check out the winning films!

Chiara Cabri | Fluctuation

Jessyca Hauser | Transition

Laurence Chan | Degeneration