Freshers’ Week 2014


Art Store Activities & Workshops
1100 – 1500 | Assembly Hall | Free

Artstore and Pip Seymour bring us a day of demonstrations, discussions and workshops including: Surface Preparation for Painting & Drawing, Artists’ Quality Paint Workshop, Drawing Masterclass & New Product Demonstration. Materials included.

Alternative Glasgow Bus Tour
1400 & 1530 | Dalhousie St | Free

A Free Bus tours taken around Glasgow in an open-top London Routemaster with 2 student guides. Everything you need to know, and all the cultural hubs you should visit as a student. Meet on the corner of Dalhousie and the Reid Building.

MASS Subcrawl
1600 -2200 | Vic Bar | £ Subway Ticket

Calling all Architects! Discover the best and worst examples of Glasgow urbanism on a dizzying, spiralling journey along the renowned Clockwork Orange (the Subway). 1 stop, 1 drink. Prepare to become more tectonically aware of your surrounding. Meet in the Vic for your first drink!

Sound Bluff
2000 – 2300 | Assembly Hall | Free

Sound Bluff kicks off this year showcasing some of the best live music talents coming from the art school at present, featuring Froth, CHUMP, Elara Caluna and Penny Cress.

MASS [MAckintosh Architecture Student Society] Opening Party
2300-0300 | Vic Bar | Free

The Architects may be the sleepless hermits of the Art School, but once hand-ins are done they know how to throw a party!


Learning at GSA
11.00 – 12.30 | Assembly Hall | Free

Meet at Student Support Services, 30 Hill Street
Learning Support and Development Workshop which will provide an opportunity for students to meet other new students, explore the nature of learning in creative disciplines, and gain a sense of what they want to get out of their education at GSA.

GSA Sport : Ashtanga Yoga
1030 – 1130 | Assembly Hall | Free

A great way to get over Monday nights hangover. Ashtanga practice focuses on free breathing with sound and the alignment of movement and breath. The movement and positions are more ‘athletic’ than the gentler yoga practices so preferable for those who have done yoga before. Limited mats available, but plenty of floor space.
Finger painting – Christian Union
1100 – 1600 | PS1 | Free

Bring your fingers, your creative mind and your awesome self. The walls are your canvas!

1100 -1300 | PS2 | Free

Transmission was set up in 1983 by graduates from Glasgow School of Art who were dissatisfied with the lack of exhibition spaces and opportunities for young artists in Glasgow. Still going strong to this day, the current committee present an introduction to Glasgow.

Richard Krantz
1400 – 1500 | PS2 | Free

Recent Fine Art 2014 graduate Richard Krantz will be on hand to give an introduction into making the most out of SRC funding and project spaces.

International Student Buffet
1700 – 1900 | Vic Bar | £

The UN of cuisine – where the only embargo is on conservative palettes.

Fat White Family
1900 – 2200 | Assembly Hall | £8.50

Taps aff. No bullshit rock band. Causing havoc on every stage they’ve brought their unyielding live show to, now it’s Glasgow’s turn to get a taste of one of the most exciting bands around.

Beginners Guide
2200 – 0300 | Vic Bar | Free

Tuesday Vic Regulars will be smashing your favourite 70s and 80s hits!


Fresher’s Fayre
1100-1700 | Assembly Hall | Free

Lots and Lots of Freebies . . . !
Meet loads of Glasgow based institutions and businesses you are likely to make use of during your time at the GSA. Featuring Fine Art Collective, Nice and Sleazy, GFT, Art Store, etc.

Vintage Fair
1100-1700 | Foyer | Free

GSA Sport : Rugby
1700-1900 | Free

Meet Outside The Students’ Association

Pecha Kucha
1800-2100 | Vic Bar | Free

20 Slides x 20 seconds . . . Come for an evening of eclectic inventive and intriguing presentations. The line-up will comprise of staff, students, alumni and guests.

Night of the Jaguar | No Globe | Subcity Radio
2300-0300 | Vic Bar | Assembly Hall | Project Space 1 | Free

Wednesday Art School regulars, Night of the Jaguar and No Globe join hands with Subcity radio, for a fantastic mid-week celebration!


Student Welfare Workshop
1100-1200 | Lounge | Free

Accommodation & Student Life in Glasgow

Societies Day
1100-1700 | Vic Bar | Free

Meet loads of societies and groups and sign up to exciting activities and opportunities that lie outside the curriculum. The Students’ Association will be full of representatives from different clubs including:

GASM (Glasgow Art School Magazine)
1100-1600 | PS1 | Free

Embodied lessons in making it up as you go along: A one off workshop w/ special guests. Independence for the printed press! Independence for all! Mark/Celebrate/document/discuss Referendum Day by contributing to a zine we’ll be making there and then, or make your own ex nihilo. Materials provided.

Queer Society
1100-1600 | PS1 | Free

The new Society at the forefront of discussions and debates about LGBT culture will be welcoming you with a T-shirt workshop, Open for all!

Hill 52 1100-1700 | ON AIR
Student Led radio, launched in 2014 will be broadcasting a series of shows as well as opening the airwaves to the anyone to bring their material.

Art School I/O
1300-1600 | PS2 | Free

Come and participate in an exciting workshop of programming Robots to make some exquisite drawings.

GSA Choir
1100-1600 | Vic Bar | Free
GSA Sports
1100-1600 | Assembly Hall | Free

BIG Screen
1800-2000 | Lounge | Free

Student led film night, running since 2009 will be showing the BBC Imagine Documentary: the Grit and the Glamour , Come for Popcorn and some chat about this years exciting programme!

GSA Sport : Mountaineering
1330-1600 | £ Subway Ticket

Meeting at the Students’ Association
GSA Sport: Yoga
1800-1900 | Assembly Hall | Free

Cooking with Jameel and Austin
1700-1900 | Reid Kitchen

Come Learn some great essential cooking skills with the two most important head chefs you’ll get to know and love over the next years at the school!

[][][]Out Of Orbit presents GRIM LUSK[][][]
1100-0300 | Vic Bar | Free Before 12 | £2GSA/3/4 There After

The Gravitational Pull is shifting! The Old Order is collapsing! Art School Thursdays will glow on the comodore radar again, as Out Of Orbit present a new series of voyages launching into the shower of intergalactic beats of GRIM LUSK (WHILST/Green Door Studio) bringing our Cosmos under one RZ-1 groove.


Breakfast Club
1100 – 1500 | Vic Bar | £

Rummage and Waste Makes
1100 – 1500 | Assembly Hall | Free

Join the GSA Sustainability Team for a day of thrift, rummaging and reusing. Bring items you no longer need and swap them for something new at RUMMAGE. Get creative with WASTE MAKES to make your own pinhole camera, handy wallet or jar terrarium all from salvaged materials. Basic tools and a sewing machine available for you to adapt your new finds from RUMMAGE

Dr. Bike: Bike Station
1200 -1600 | Bourdon Yard | Free

Student Welfare Workshop
1400 – 1500 | PS2 | Free

Finance and Funding

GSA Sport : Hockey
1815 – 2000 | £ Train ticket

Meet outside The Students’ Association

BIG Screen
1600 – 2100 | Assembly Hall | Free

Trashed | Facing up to Mackintosh | Our Glasgow | Ratcatcher
Our student led film night, running since 2009 gets underway. this time round they are featuring a quadruple bill:

Trashed (doc) – 1600
A sobering journey retracing the environmental consequences of our throwaway culture.

Facing up to Mackintosh (doc)-1800
Documentary in praise of the new emerald giant.

Our Glasgow – 1900
frieze video, looking at the past, present and future of this creative city.

Ratcatcher – 1930
Award winning film set during the Glasgow bin strike of the 1970s. A young boy flees the disappointments of his childhood when he discovers a newly-built development on the outskirts of town.

Cooking with Jameel and Austin
1700 – 1900 | Reid Kitchen | £

Another essential cooking session with our two favourite chefs!

LuckyMe X The Art School present… Eclair Fifi & pals
2300-0300 | Vic Bar | Assembly Hall | £5/6

Eclair Fifi, the first lady of Scotland, takes over The Art School for the 1st day after the referendum. She’s invited her pals…

The Blessings
Ubre Blanca
David Barbarossa


Beetroot and Lace Vintage Fair
1100 -1600 | Assembly Hall | Free

Threadz Shedz
1100 – 1700 | Lounge | £

Have your hair done on the cheap. Girls and boys welcome, price negotiated by length. Come along and be the coolest Freshmen in town.”

Whose Round Workshop
1600 – 1700 | PS2 | Free

Idea generation workshop and alcohol awareness competition with the chance of winning £1000!

Whose Round Pub Quiz
1900 – 2100 | Vic Bar | Free

Do you know your Glasgow booze? Know your Wings of Love from your Long Island Iced Tea? Winner of the Whose Round Quiz gets £50

1600-2200 | secret location | £4/5

Too Nice vs Freaky Freaky
2300-0300 | Vic Bar | Assembly Hall | £ 5/7/8<

The princes and kings of RnB and Hip Hop set off an epic sweaty venture. Ladies and Gentlemen, attention please. On 20th September, Glasgow’s R&B all-stars join forces to host the ultimate fresher’s takeover at The Art School. We hail this year’s apprentices to start the term by aiming high and thinking B.I.G.


GSA Sport & GSA Sustainability: Bike Ride to Falkirk
1100 | Reid Building | £ Return Train Home

Glasgow to Falkirk along the canal. It’s about 30 miles, a nice wide towpath . . . and flat! There’s the Kelpie statues and then the Falkirk Wheel at the end. It’s a half day and we’d get the train back from Falkirk High.