Interview w/ Goro 23rd April, 2019

Ahead of FUSE next Friday, Dora (modular musician, also known as širokko), caught up with Goro, Berlin-based Bulgarian producer and DJ, who’ll be making his Glasgow debut at The Art School.

Hi! before we start the questions could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Goro, originally from Bulgaria and currently living in Berlin 🙂

You use a lot of folklore sound from bulgaria, your home country. What is the intention/inspiration behind using such a specific musical genre within club music?

Well there’s a lot of reasons really.. Ultimately it’s just what makes the most sense. I was always interested in whatever sounds new so this is what I wanted to do with my music too. There aren’t many people from Bulgaria or the Balkans doing that kind of music. I’ve found that it’s not really possible to come up with a “new sound” out of nowhere. You always follow up on SOMETHING(s). The most authentic way to do it would be to follow up on your own culture and put it in a contemporary context. Just look at any new genre or style and you will see that this is what those people have done. So these are some of the reasons.

On your soundcloud bio it says “counterbalancing westernisation with easternisaiton”. I feel like in the past few years the idea of eastern european identity and pride have become more prevalent. Would you say there is any one thing that the west could learn from us [eastern europeans]?

I mean I love this question, but it’s another one that would take too long to answer fully. Maybe that’s why it’s in my soundcloud bio – perhaps I want to raise this question with my whole career? haha

Yes, here are too many things to learn and I hope talking about all this is just starting. It’s usually that some countries have money, and others have rich cultural heritage. I just want to focus on the positivity in this for now but a lot of Eastern European culture is even to this moment taken out of context, and used in art, fashion, etc. in a way that looks down upon its’ entirety, which is not cool, but it’s also welcome, because it means now it’s our turn to use it for our own benefit and present something authentic that comes from this area and empower others to do it.

Goro’s exclusive mix for FUSE

FUSE is a clubnight that puts a lot of weight on politics and inclusivity, what are your feelings about politics in the club scene? What differences do you feel between the UK and Berlin club scene in terms of clubbing (both political and not)?

If you think about it, one of the main purposes of art in itself (in whatever form), is to comment in a bold way on current situations of society and be a political statement. Look at any movement in art – it’s always been a way to counterbalance things and express a political position. But then again, it’s not always necessary. Some artists just want to make you focus on yourself and what’s going on inside you with their music. And that’s fine. That’s important too. It’s just good to know what you want to do. I want to do both. This is gonna be my first time coming to the UK since a few years, so I can’t say that I feel like I have a clear impression of it. Also never been in Glasgow, so I wouldn’t know how it is there, but I’m looking forward to find out!

Last question. Excited for the night?

OMG yesssss so excited !! It’s also gonna be my first time seeing my friend Catnapp perform, so I’m looking forward to that too as I know she’s always killing it!

FUSE w/ Catnapp, Goro, Akumu悪夢 & Princess Kyoto is this Friday 26th April, 11pm – 3am.

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