Drag Brunch @ The Vic Bar 16th April, 2019

The always delightful Sgàire Wood hosts the daytime drag show offering delectable performances and delicious deals on a bi-monthly basis in The Vic Bar. Launched in November 2018, Drag Brunch continues to exercises its right to identify as neither breakfast nor lunch!

BTS @ Drag Brunch, performer PUKE photographed by Matthew Arthur Williams
BTS @ Drag Brunch, performers SHREK 666 and PUKE
BTS @ Drag Brunch, performer Ratty ByeBye

In advance of the third edition , we look back to February’s LGBT History Month special which was a partnership with Queer Times School at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. All photographs by Matthew Arthur Williams.

Hostess Sgàire Wood, Drag Brunch 23/02/19
Performer PUKE at Drag Brunch 23/02/19
Performer Ratty Byebye, Drag Brunch, 23/02/19
Performer Shrek 666, Drag Brunch, 23/02/19
Performer Puke, Drag Brunch, 23/02/19

The next Drag Brunch is on Saturday April 27th and features performances from Frans Gender and Jamie Crewe! Further info here.

* Brunch and a cocktail/mocktail for only £5! *

* Selected cocktails/mocktails for £2.50! *

Hostess and performer Sgàire Wood at Drag Brunch with a light snack, 23/02/19

All photographs courtesy the inimitable Matthew Arthur Williams!!!