In conversation: 皚桐 and AKUMU悪夢 26th February, 2019

Headliner 皚桐 interviews AKUMU悪夢 about some of the motivations for starting new night SELFDESTRUCT.

SELFDESTRUCT launches this Friday 1st March, check out the chilling trailer below – viewer discretion is advised. 😈😈😈

Horror Visuals, SELFDESTRUCT 01 – 03 -19

[皚桐] What inspired you to put on this night?

[AKUMU悪夢] I’m in a circle of friends and in a relationship with someone who puts on their own nights– it’s always nice to be surrounded by the music you enjoy and the friends you love and I wanted in on that. Plus Glasgow can also feel very techno heavy and that’s not really my scene, I wanted to bring the stuff that I enjoy into this city ‘cause I don’t think there’s a lot of it.

[皚桐] Yeah, I definitely agree that Glasgow can sometimes feel kinda techno focussed and that can get monotonous. What made you decide to specifically showcase East Asian DJ’s?

[AKUMU悪夢] I didn’t necessarily wanna do an ‘asian’ thing but there are so many good East asian DJ’s and producers out there that I would like to see play and one way to guarantee seeing them is if i’m the one booking [laughs]. Also with me being half Japanese… this is, like, my way of celebrating my background and hopefully bringing together other people of East Asian descent. Also, I don’t know if you get this thing, I used to get it a lot growing up but when i’d see another East Asian person i’d get really excited and i’d want to talk to them. I want this club night to be where I can actually meet those people!

[皚桐] I hear you for sure. I think when you grow up in a place where most people don’t look like you, seeing someone who does look like you always makes me intrigued as to who that person is and how they got here.

[AKUMU悪夢] And I really want to improve my Japanese, my Japanese sucks! If i can meet a friend who can help me practice, that would be so great! This night is entirely self serving.

[皚桐] Same– I really want more friends who can speak cantonese cos i’m also needing to practice and learn and it’s so hard to find the right people. Speaking of when you were young, how did you get into electronic music?

[AKUMU悪夢] I didn’t start listening to electronic music till i was like, 22 or maybe 23?– when Clams Casino got really big. I was then introduced to Ryan Hemsworth and this group called Friendzone who at the time made instrumental rap beats that were very melodic and ‘japanese anime’ inspired. That really started my journey into looking for more electronic music.

[皚桐] I always assumed you were someone who started listening to electronic music really young but I guess I was wrong!

[AKUMU悪夢] [laughs] How come you say that?

[皚桐] I guess i feel like you’re someone who knows what you like? Like, you have a pretty distinct sound?

[AKUMU悪夢] I think the stuff I DJ just reflects my general interests… you can see it in my illustration work as well. I take my inspiration from many different things, Japanese films, animations, manga, video games, the overarching theme is that they are always horror related but that doesn’t mean that it’s always just heavy and dark, sometimes it’s also kinda cute– there’s different sides to it.

[皚桐] It’s always great to see you play because you are just putting yourself out there. It always feels incredibly genuine. How come the night’s called Self Destruct?

[AKUMU悪夢] The night’s named after a Pokemon move [laughs]. I guess it makes sense as well in that, when you’re going to a club, there’s the potential to self destruct, through testing boundaries, drinking, etc. I’m hoping the name stands out and intrigues people into coming.

[皚桐] Any last words to the Japanese and East Asian people reading?

[AKUMU悪夢] Come! Would love to meet you!

SELFDESTRUCT : 11pm – 3am, 01 – 03 – 19, more info here