Welcome to Freshers’ Week 2018 31st August, 2018

Hayyyy students!

Welcome to Freshers’ 2018!

So this is obviously a sliiightly different Freshers Week, what with the Mack burning down (again lol smh) and our usual venue for all of these events gathering dust and mould behind the cordon lines on Scott Street.

We’re like, totally excited however, to bring you a programme of events being held at venues all across our fair city! From Argyle Street Arches to The Glue Factory to Kinning Park Complex, this Freshers will be a whistle stop tour of some of the spaces you’ll come to know and love as a GSA student and graduate. In the past, it has taken years for some particularly sheltered shut-ins (hey stop looking at me!) to even venture south of the Clyde, so consider this a head start.

OMG this is so exciting! You’re commencing your study at one of the world’s most prestigious art schools, although perhaps it won’t feel like that right away. For years now, the GSASA has at least been a glittering jewel amongst the slurry that is GSA’s NSS results and we’re very proud of that! If you want to attend a party, organise your own party, exhibit a selection of drawings you did at a party or even organise a talk dissecting the ethics of parties in general, get in touch! We love that shit and we have the funds and spaces to help you make your dreams a (sort of) reality!

Trust me when I say that long lasting alliances will be forged during Freshers Week, so go out and have fun

 with your flatmates, coursemates, the hottie you met in the lift in halls, ANYONE you can get your grubby lil mitts on! Now’s the time to have fun and make friends before it all gets stressful and they have to console you during your hand-in breakdowns (hehe) so carpe diem, sis!

Seriously though, please drink responsibly, sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching, eat, pray, love and if it all goes tits up, PM me babe.

Happy hunger games, bitches!

Sgàire Wood,

Events Convenor