Event: Gaika – The Spectacular Empire 1st November, 2017

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Welcome to a world in which authority has been removed and cities destroyed, a world where chaos reigns.

The Spectacular Empire is a speculative, ideologically utopian nation comprised of a network of artists, philosophers, technologists and Shamens, strongly committed to focusing their professional endeavours towards the promotion and protection of the progressive human values and ancient magic.

‘TSE’ deals with pop culture romance cliches juxtaposed with subtle and satirical political comments on the state of
our society, its future and the role of the artist within it.

It springs from and exists within the mind of the artist GAIKA, incorporating his worldview, something that will be fully examined in his debut album ‘BASIC VOLUME’ which will define the policy.

Join Gaika alongside a talented cast of like-minded musicians as he presents an explosive vision of the future.