SRC Sabbatical Elections

Take time to vote on your representatives each Spring to voice your rights and concerns at the GSA. The Sabbatical team lead and develop extra-curricular programming and engage students with initiatives and activities. They are essential to making sure the student voice is heard at GSA, and at GSASA too!

Vote to choose those who represent you in the following positions: President of the Students’ Association and Ents Convenor of the Students’ Association.

The Student President has many facets of their job and works between GSA and the SA to focus on student representation. This could be through activism, strategy, negotiation, education and campaigning.

The Events Convenor is based much more within SA and largely focuses on representation through programming with the facilitation and curation of extra-curricular events. These could be education opportunities but could also be any form of … basically anything!

Any matriculated student who is a member of the SA is allowed to run for these positions.

The vote happens once a year in the Vic Bar and every vote counts.

Election time is erratic, messy fun and includes speeches, manifesto writing, poster campaigns and shameless self promotion throughout the school… Good luck!