GSA Students’ Association Societies Development

Supporting and developing co-curricular activities remains an ongoing priority for the Students’ Association. We’re really fortunate to have a range of societies that address a wide range of interests and activities. What’s particularly unique about the majority of the student societies at Glasgow School of Art is that their interests and concerns are not tethered to the concerns of specific studio disciplines. Rather, the societies at GSA tend to address interests, concepts and ideas for which there is no dedicated, formal provision for within the current academic structure of GSA. As such, the groups are inherently interdisciplinary.

Student societies and groups provide an invaluable perspective and their activities present the opportunity to extend the current GSA ethos of ‘studio based learning’ to be inclusive of the notion of learning as a space shaped by its contributors; exploring learning as a place, a space, or a temporary community of shared interests.

If you’d like to know more about any of our societies or if you’d like to find out how to set up your own, please get in touch with Kirsty at

Student Representative Council


It’s easiest to think of the SRC as the representation committee hosted within the Students’ Association on Scott St. The SRC are so important to us – we can’t function without them!

What kind of person makes a good SRC member?

• You have opinions on how the Students’ Association should operate.
• You enjoy discussions that can lead to positive change.
• You feel confident in feeding back happenings within the Students’ Association to your classmates.
• You are creative and have new ideas for us!

What do SRC reps do?

• They discuss the running of the Students’ Association. (eg: the venue, the café, project spaces, the charity etc)
• They discuss & allocate the funding which the SA award for projects (we award £1,500 per term to all sorts of projects, exhibitions, performances… anything extra curricular)
• They help to ensure that the SA are being fair in supporting students & aren’t overlooking any issues.
• They express their opinion on what works well & what doesn’t.
• Their student voice is at the forefront of decisions made at the Students’ Association.

Project Spaces

Elaine Ang: Soft Intimacies, Male Fantasies

Elaine Ang: Soft Intimacies, Male Fantasies

Project Spaces 1 & 2 are available for booking in 5 week blocks twice a term and can be booked out by individuals or groups for up to 1 week. We also welcome applications for projects that seek to utilise the Vic Bar, The Assembly Hall and The Lounge – please get in touch with Rebecca at if you have an idea with these spaces in mind.

Student Initiated Project Funding

Caitlin O’Connell and Tomas Palmer: Odyssey Above

Caitlin O’Connell and Tomas Palmer: Odyssey Above

Every term, we have £1500 available to support student initiated projects that fall outside of the curriculum. In the past we’ve supported performances, publications, exhibitions, residencies developed by students from across the school. We’re always to excited to hear about your plans and ideas – for more information and advice please get in touch with Kirsty at

Log into the VLE for more info relating to funding and spaces and to download the relevant forms