Neil McGuire: Scratch School 28th January, 2017

1PM – 3PM
Mon – Fri

Assembly Hall

A ‘scratch night’ in theatre is short-hand for a showing of a work in progress – a sequence of partial/half-formed performances, ideas and directions…

A clean slate. A blank sheet of paper.

If art school didn’t exist, how would you design it?
Through a series of practical and less-than-practical workshops we will sketch out the outline of a new school – it might be an annex to art school, a complete replacement, a shadow, or a parallel universe. What would its values be? (Would it have any?) How might it operate? Who would go there? What would they do? How would it be structured? What would it look like?

Details of the daily workshops will emerge in the near future, and will feature visiting guests including Erin Bradley-Scott, Roy Mohan Shearer and Malcy Duff.

Spectacle of the Scaffold(ing)
The week of activities will be structured and focussed on making — the idea being that through a series of structured activities (what we do) we explore the freedoms that can bring (what we say, think, make). Someone is vaguely in charge but their authority can and should be challenged at any point. It will use a frame, a scaffold – a simple physical outline – as a starting point.

Please see below for a breakdown of how each day is shaping up – please feel to sign up to as many workshops as you like – all welcome – you don’t need to be a GSA student to take part. You’re very welcome to sign up to them all but if you can only make a couple that’s totally fine!

Monday: Build the Scaffolding – sign up

We will construct and raise a simple scaffolding structure that will become the ‘outline’ for the school. Hard hats will be worn.

Tuesday: Animate the Scaffolding 1 – sign up

Banner, Sign and Flag workshop with lettering artist(s) – some basic introductions to letterforms, type, handpainted lettering and embarking on the making of signs for the structure.

Wednesday: Animate the Scaffolding 2 (sound and motion) – sign up

Working with interaction designers, develop some simple apperatus to animate the structure. How could it become kinetic and/or responsive?

Is it sentient?

Thursday: Do something else (as yet undefined) – sign up

This might be left deliberately vague. I’d been thinking about something around occupying the scaffold, and possibility of Workshop, but would like this to be participant led …

Friday: Publish the Scaffolding – sign up

Where does the scaffolding live? It’s here, (like, ‘here’) but could it be

anywhere else? How could it be disseminated? A zine workshop.

(Each workshop would be for 12-15 people, but as the week goes on, people can continue working on stuff they’ve started etc, with additional opportunities to open up the scaffolding for others to use – if you’ve got ideas or suggestions, get in touch).