Welcome to the GSASA, more commonly known as The Art School! We’re a student and artist led organisation in Glasgow. We offer space and support for a wide range of artistic and musical practices, hosting gigs, clubs, films and educational events, alongside the regular opening hours of our core social and dining facilities in the Vic Café Bar. We are supported by both the Glasgow School of Art and our own commercial activities, and in turn work as a representative body for you as students at the GSA, advocating for your interests and welfare. As a non-profit charity, all proceeds made by The Art School go towards funding your student exhibitions, projects, and societies.

With a building comprised of several mouldable Project Spaces, a large multifunctional Assembly Hall and well-loved Vic Café Bar, our facilities offer a range of opportunities and resources: helping our communities learn and share skills in ways beyond traditional canons, classrooms and lecture theatres. We try to make everybody feel comfortable and welcome in the venue, and have an on-going and self-critical commitment to accessibility, safe(r) spaces and actively opposing all forms of discrimination.

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