Event: Knots – The Unofficial Celtic Connections Fringe Festival10th January, 2018

Every January, Celtic Connections takes over the city of Glasgow for three mellifluous weeks. Knots is a free day long festival taking place in the Art School on 27th January and constitutes a space in which some of the complex themes that arise from Celtic Connections can be unravelled. What are the connections between ‘Celtic’ culture and authenticity, tradition, ownership, exclusion and appropriation? Who is included or excluded by Celtic tradition and how do we navigate these issues in 2018?

Join us for an afternoon of workshops and conversations with speakers from Scotland and beyond, untying the tangled web of issues facing the contemporary Celt and exploring some of the many interlaced intricacies of Celtic tradition.

Stick around afterwards for an evening of performances from artists and musicians navigating the frayed fringes of the Celtic world, weaving all things left field, weird and noisy into colourful interpretations of the traditional. The event will be followed by a wild jam session for sharing the dingier depths of your repertoires well into the night!

Featured Artists and Speakers include…

Talk + Q&A – An Ecology of the Imagination: Suffering, Faerie and Some Farther Reaches of Human Being

Writer, activist and human ecologist Professor Alastair McIntosh grew up on the Isle of Lewis. His books include Hell & High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition on the cultural and spiritual dimensions of climate change, Rekindling Community on the spiritual basis of inter-relationship, and Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power on land reform and environmental protection – the latter described as “world changing” by George Monbiot, “life changing” by the Bishop of Liverpool and “truly mental” by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

This talk will draw on his latest book, Poacher’s Pilgrimage (Birlinn), to explore the artist’s role as healer as seen through the lens of faerie and PTSD.

Talk – Aggressive Anachronisms

Megan Jones is a medievalist based in Glasgow. Her research interests involve the post-medieval legacy and reception of the Middle Ages and the ideological potency of the period in modern discourses. She is currently investigating the malleable forms the Middle Ages take in contemporary culture, with a particular focus on the weaponisation of the period by racist/nationalist groups. Underpinning this is an interest in how the Middle Ages are taught and sold to the public and what steps can be taken to democratise them.

Following the death and violence of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017, the mainstream and alternative far-right’s use of the Middle Ages as an ideological tool has entered popular consciousness. As such, this discussion seeks to examine the rise of neomedieval and neo-Celtic tropes, rhetoric, and images as used by these far-right groups in post-9/11 North America, and to understand how neomedievalism and Celtic imagery are being weaponised to dismantle a multicultural future.

Talk: Keep Glasgow Weird: A whistle stop tour through the fringes of the folk scene

Stewart Smith is a music journalist and academic. A regular contributor to The Wire, The Quietus, The List and Bandcamp Daily, he covers jazz, improvised music and the Scottish underground. He completed his PhD on Ian Hamilton Finlay and Alec Finlay in 2016. His research interests include Scottish studies and alternative cultural histories, taking in modern poetry and the avant-garde, small press publishing, visual art and music. He currently teaches at Newcastle University.

Evening performance

Content warning: mental health, gendered violence, homophobia
Alasdair Roberts is a Glasgow-based musician, primarily a guitarist and singer. He has worked with Drag City Records since 1997, firstly releasing three albums of self-written material under the name Appendix Out and then several albums under his own name, the most recent being Pangs (2017). He has recently finished making a record with David McGuinness on piano and Amble Skuse on electronics, exploring eight traditional Scots ballads. Debbie Armour is a Glasgow-based musician who works in the fields of performance and community facilitation. She runs an open-access choir in Govanhill and is the lead artist for Wee Linties, an ongoing archive project of children’s song and games. She has a particular interest in traditional songs in Scots, English, Gaelic and other European languages.

In this unique performance, Alasdair and Debbie will share some traditional ballads and songs, discussing their research and repertoire selection processes. This will lead to an open conversation about how we navigate songs filled with triggering content- sexual violence, suicide, colonialism, transphobia and homophobia. Do we censor content or do we embrace the conversations they provoke?

DJ set and late night session lead

Kitty brings her weekly Subcity radio show Dangerous Songs to The Vic Bar to keep us company between acts. Playful and provocative, Dangerous Songs dissects the folk tradition both in America and the UK. From Blues to the Folk Revival of the 60s right up to the present day, Kitty explores folk music’s impact and meaning as a source of comfort, relief and freedom for the working classes who kept it alive, as well as its use as a tool of protest and activism. Later in the evening she will be leading our session.

Performance workshop and evening performance

Sgàire Wood is a Northern Irish artist and performer based in Glasgow. Specialising in emotive, drag-inspired lip-sync performance, her work explores issues of fragmented identity, nostalgia, nationality, mental illness and gender dysphoria. Combining high-energy remixes with fetishised elements of Celtic tradition, she deliberately confuses the folkloric with the hyper-modern, attempting to carve out an intimate space in club-environments for connection, catharsis and emotional exorcism.

Sgàire’s afternoon workshop will provide a relaxed and informal opportunity to consider the inherent performativity of identity expression and channel the thoughts and feelings that rise from this conversation, be they triumphant or traumatic, into personal, musical mini-performances.

Evening performance and daytime workshop

Quinie (Josie Vallely) is based in Glasgow and explores traditional Scots song. Inspired largely by Scots singers including Lizzie Higgins (1929-1993), her repertoire focuses on stories sung from women’s perspectives and collages of different source material. On her debut album, Vallely lends her keen, flinty voice to a cappella readings of great ballads, nonsense rhyme and arrangements of Scots words to sean-nós style melodies. Largely unaccompanied with occasional harmonium, dulcimer, and DIY beats providing scrapes, drones, and rhythms.

Evening performance

Oliver Pitt (Golden Teacher, Ultimate Thrush, Akashic records) is a Glasgow based musician. With a passion for strange and beautiful music, Ollie and Josie have been working together to combine traditional song with sporadic accompaniments on bouzouki, noises and general weird shit.

Evening performance

Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh is a viola player based in Dublin who aims to explore the versatility of the instrument primarily through experimental and improvised music. She combines minimalism, drone, stabbing atonal noise, buzzing textural examination, sawing riffing repetition, communal folk warmth and fluttery classicism. Her playing is virtuosic but unshowy, rapid and fluctuating but with a unity of purpose. She plays across Europe and Ireland with various groups, including Cian Nugent & the Cosmos, and has performed with Circuit des Yeux and Josephine Foster.

Installation and evening performance

Neil McDermott is a multi instrumentalist with fingers in loads of folk pies- represented at Knots by his recent visual work exploring the political folk song traditions in Scotland. He is interested in looking at the varied roles that music plays in conflict, in particular the musical protests to the Polaris and Trident submarine missile systems in the 1960s and 70s and the absence of any comparable protest to the commissioning of the Dreadnought class submarine, which will extend the presence of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde by a generation. He will also being playing during the evening performance.

Club: 12th Isle: ‘Blubber Tottum’ Inauguration + Art School Monthly12th September, 2017

12th Isle
Sat 30th September

Club: 8ULENTINA & foolzool (Club Chai) + AUCO11th September, 2017

8ULENTINA & foozool (CLUB CHAI)Vomit96 aka Auco
Thu 14th Sep

Club Chai is a club event curated by 8ULENTINA and foozool in Oakland, California that centers diasporic narratives, women and trans artists, DJs and producers. 8ULENTINA and foozool have been co-curating genre bending events together for over a year focusing on hybridizing non western sounds with club music.

Vomit96 aka Auco is an DJ currently between the cities of Glasgow and Berlin, who made an amazing debut at Dawn’s Egg earlier this year.


Exhibition: People and Place – Hannah Logan11th September, 2017

When I left high school in 2011 I found out about the Communication Design course on the GSA website, I made a portfolio on the GSA Continued Education course and in 2012 I began my degree; Art school encourages you to put your work on a wall. “Live with your work” is something that my tutor said to me this year, suggesting I place my printed photographs around my flat and studio desk space. I think digital photos can be so easily hidden and forgotten on hard drives, so this process was liberating for me and for my work. This exhibition was my degree show; I graduated from GSA this summer with a B.A in Design after my 3 rd year, so I wasn’t part of the big degree show in June. I really enjoyed putting on the event, and inviting friends, strangers and even Glasgow based photographers whose work I admire to come and see my photographs and selected

During my 6 years of being at The Art School, 2 of which were spent recovering from and coming to terms with having bipolar disorder, I’ve learned about a lot of visual communication rules. I’ve listened to a lot of opinions and views. I’ve looked at Art School from the outside and then from inside out. I’ve taken breaks and then had another go at it. My momentum has been lost at times and I’ve had to work hard to get back onboard.

By making this personal exercise of reviewing the photographs I had taken over the past 6 years into a public exhibition (the first I’d ever hosted) others could join me as I looked for connections and themes, the good bits and the bad bits and for a sense of direction as I look forward. This experience, the feedback and resulting conversations I’ve since had with the audience have given me ideas that I can now explore further. I’m excited to start working as a photographer.

Mix: Dan DnR live at Hotboyz10th May, 2017

Cop the full three hours of one of the finest purveyors of UKG, DAN DnR, in the mix at The Art School. Dan set up Croydon’s DnR Vinyl which has existed as an essential and somewhat rough and ready online shop since 2001/2002. The shop has steadily stocked out the record collection of many a garage head, from niche deleted rare bits to your vocal sweet-boy bangers. You can hear the sheer knowledge this man has of all UK styles cut from the UK hardcore and US garage scenes respectively –jungle, speed garage, 2step, 4todafloor, breaks, grime, dubstep, niche, bassline – you fucking name it, he knows it!

Exhibition: Joanna Yang – An Investigation of Chinese Typography23rd February, 2017

An investigation of Chinese typography is a sculptural and typographical response of the history and anatomy of Chinese typography. Due to the sheer volume of characters, the development of web fonts and the design of contemporary typography in the Chinese language remains rudimentary compare to other western languages. Phonetic languages that utilise alphabets, such as English, have the ability to quickly develop new typefaces within weeks; whereas a logographic language such as Chinese, with over 50,000 characters, the design process is laborious and often requires years to complete. Joanna Yang’s work examines the structure of Chinese language by decomposing characters three dimensionally through suspending sculptures and recomposing two dimensionally using light and shadow. These typography was further explored through paper cuts and folding techniques which continued to investigate the anatomy and history of Chinese typography.

Exhibition: Kate Madsen – Fruit Grandma23rd February, 2017

Using fruit cuttings and matriarchal crafts as inspiration, Kate Madsen’s Fruit Grandma explores gender roles in art/craft/design through embroidery, textiles and repetitive patterns.



Buzzcut & The Art School – (F)Unnatural: A Club Performance Residency12th December, 2016

13475115_1161372483914679_2258846207582927260_o (1)


Have you noticed there’s quite a lot of performance happening in clubs recently? Like… a little more than usual. Because we have! And we think this is a super cool thing in BUZZCUT and The Art School’s opinion! We wanted to put our heads, hands and hearts together to help continue this?

The Art School and BUZZCUT are teaming up to invite submissions from Scotland-based artists looking to develop new performances for club environments. We welcome applications from artists working in the blurry, murky worlds between live art, contemporary performance and visual art who are looking to develop their practice in this area. This residency project can be most useful to an artist who is currently really in need of rehearsal space. Glasgow is really struggling to provide rehearsal rooms and space for performance makers, and this project is keen to help!

What you’ll get:

– Minimum of 4 paid gigs (£50 per gig) over a two-month period at selected club nights in the Art School.
– Events will be selected based on your individual practice in conversation with BUZZCUT & The Art School.
– Rehearsal and Meeting space on availability ( Minimum 1 full day per week)
– Rider provided
– Mentorship from the Art School and BUZZCUT and their associated artists from Scotland and further afield
– Opportunities to collaborate with students across Glasgow.
– Small materials budget
– Documentation of your work (Dependent on permission from the individual club nights)


We have three slots available:

– February – March 2017
– April – May 2017
– June – July 2017

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for artists whose work doesn’t fit into traditional categories of theatre, dance, music or poetry. The residency is not for a gigging poet or band/musician, however these practices may be incorporated into the pieces you develop. We’re looking for artists who want to consider how their practices may be adapted for a loud, busy, boozy club context.

If you plan to use this residency and rehearsal space as part of a wider project you are engaged in we’d love to hear about it. This is not essential by any means?

The work you create must have a performative element but can be any length or any location in The Vic Bar. The artist must be based in Scotland. Artists based outside of Glasgow may still apply but we will sadly not be able to cover travel or accommodation costs.

We will not be accepting applications from Undergraduate or Postgraduate students.

How to apply:

Send your application by email to Lewis Prosser lewis@theartschool.co.uk  with the subject line ‘Art School Residency – Your Name’ and include:

– Name:

– Address:

– Phone number:

– Email Address:

– Up to 600 words on your practice, the work you want to develop as part of the residency and why this is important and interesting to you at this time:

  • Any supporting documentation you have of your work (videos, pictures):
  • Which 2-month slot(s) are you available for?:

The deadline for applications is Friday 6th January 2017

We look forward to reading your applications!

BUZZCUT & The Art School

Club: PVC Residents6th October, 2016

Continuing their mission to create an inclusive, fun and flirty club on a Thursday night, the PVC residents return with some mixes and a few words to help you slip back into their house. Come through on Thursday and get into a positive space!


Tell us a little about what you do, and what you’ll be bringing to the PVC party?
Everything and anything to make you bounce. Junglehussy is stuck in a previous decade. Like a bad boy reunion tour that should of happened 20years ago, i.e LATE.

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
So many 2 chose from! Bouncing around to Sunshower’s sets and whenever the two Sophie’s go back-to-back (Brandy Deep-Cuts/Cleoslaptra)

Tell us a track/artist (delete as apt) that sums up your last year?
What Is Real? – Tink

…and a track/artist you’ll be playing over the next year?
Da Baddest B****/Trina *on repeat*

What’s your favourite PVC poster?
Bossy Love poster was sizzling, Life’s a Peach was QT and Fun Flirty Fluid was norty.

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?
More hot acts doing their own thing on small/large levels coming thru and also wanting to come thru.


What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?
Over the past year I have been running my own club night called Dreamcast. I’ve set up a net-label called Roof Garden Records, i’ve released a digital album through Pedicure Records, and put out an EP on Not Like That!

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
DJ Femme Fresh curated night w/ Joe Howe.

Tell us a track/artist that sums up your last year?
Empyrean Tears – Take Me Away / dJJ – just a lil.

…and a track/artist you’ll be playing over the next year?
The Person – Orangina (Toca Me Amor)!

What’s your favourite PVC poster?
Flower & toothpaste.

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?
A shift away from the continued swell of derivative house/techno club nights towards a more creative, inclusive & intelligent Glasgow nightlife.


What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?
Bits and pieces, moving in new directions as a DJ and working on making Stereo inclusive and accessibly.

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
False Witness or Danny L Harle, the happy hardcore one was fun too.

Tell us a artist that sums up your last year?
It’s gonna have to be by labels – Mixpak, Bala Club, Qweenbeat, NON to name a few.

…and an artist you’ll be playing over the next year?
Gonna try and get away with as much nu-metal as possible #yolo!

What’s been your favourite PVC poster?
Gotta be the one with the tampons.

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?
More diversity, more exclusivity and something that’s actually progressive and groundbreaking.

pearl necklac

What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?
Mostly playing at parties that involve glitter in some way. I curated a 3 floor collaborative party in a hotel w/ a lot of local talented djs, performers and designers. That was pretty dope. Now currently experimenting with producing some vogue tracks.

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
I <3 having Bossy Love at PVC, as I’ve been a fan of them for a while and love their sound. Also my gals PUSSY PALACE who brought their fierceness to their hometown. Tell us a artist that sums up your last year? (i.e. as DJs at PVC, obv.)
Lsdxoxo, Ms Banks, Tinashe & Divoli S’vere <3 And a artist you’ll be playing over the next year?
Lil Kim AAF

What’s your favourite PVC poster?
My favourites are our launch party poster ‘peel slowly and see’ with the rubber glove and the banana and I also rly like the Danny L’Harle one too!

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?


What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?
I’ve been working hard on PVC, trying to keep it moving, staying honest and representing our position in the club scene in Glasgow and further afield. I’ve started making some silly party music with fellow PVC DJ Sunshower as Kissu, as well as a new radio show we’re both working on together, called Waterproof for Datafruits.fm. I’ve also recorded a collaborative demo at Green Door studios under the name Gong Bath with some other Glasgow musicians and working on some ideas currently in production.

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
Playing with Danny L Harle was a bit of a dream, and of course the crazed joy that was the freshers’ party last year that ended in Matthieu (ents convener at the time) pouring an entire can of orangeboom over himself in celebration come 3am.

Tell us a track that sums up your last year?
less love more sex – dj salinger rmx
most requested track since freshers last year all the way up to degree show. total cutesy banger and epitome of my time at PVC

and a track you’ll be playing over the next year?
rizzla – burning boat
this year i’m going to be playing sets full of cute but bassy, jumpy but danceable weirdness.

What’s your favourite PVC poster?
Flying tampons or sunscreen hot dog.

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?
honest conversation, responsibility, mutual support and dumb fun

Exhibition: Escapement – Enya Zia Fortuna & Blair Coron | Curated by Skaiste Klaniute5th August, 2016


This newly commissioned live performance portrays a phantasmagorical depiction of labour. The title refers to the 13th century invention of the escapement, an early form of minimal clockwork consisting of a coiled spring and pendulum that allowed it to oscillate at a steady pace. The spread of portable watches played a key part in shaping modern society during the industrial revolution. The clock was used to synchronise labour and quantify productivity. Trapped in a tightly orchestrated cycle of production, Fortuna and Coron invoke and subvert ideas about the repercussions of time, work and discipline in contemporary society.

Enya Zia Fortuna (b. 1992, Kranj, Slovenia) is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Enya works primarily with performance, yet integrating elements from theatre, film and installation.

Blair Coron (b.1991, Fife, Scotland) is a musician/composer based in Glasgow. His musical inspiration comes from a multitude of avenues, ranging from folk, post rock, classical, minimalism, hints of electronic and ambience.

Tickets are free and can be booked here via Eventbrite.

Escapement is presented as part of the 2016 Graduate Degree Show at the Glasgow School of Art