1st Birthday


Dr Bike
: Bike Station

1100-1500 | Assembly Hall | Free
Ok, so we haven’t got you all a bike, but… you can get your existing bike serviced for free by the Bike Station. Most minor problems can be fixed on the spot, more major problems will be diagnosed and a “Bike MOT” can be provided.

GSA Sport Convention
1200-1700 | Assembly Hall | Free
GSA Sport will be showcasing the wide range of clubs and activities you can get involved with, they’ll also be hosting some sporting games, activities, and competitions alongside support and advice about matriculating new sports and developing your sporting ideas.

1800-1930 | Assembly Hall | Free
Work out to the word of Jah at the intersection where the mighty G.O.D.S. (Glasgow Open Dance School) meet local selector Spiritual Fingers —it’s an all vinyl dance floor movement session! All tribes welcome!

GSA Salsa
2000-2300 | Assembly Hall | £2/4
Arrivederci! Nom de plume! Are all words that have nothing to do with salsa. However, the regular salsa dance meet-up continues during The Art School’s birthday week, but it’s time you weren’t intimidated by the silken ruffles and struts, because everyone is welcome, beginners included!


Inflatable Workshop
1100- 1700 | Assembly Hall | Free

Waste Makes – Exotic Excess
1200-1500 | P3-Lounge | Free
The second instalment of Waste Makes of the year! Turning rubbish into something less rubbish. Over the course of 3 hours, a whole heap of trash will be made more trashy and beautiful. All the objects created will be used to give the Exotic Excess Cafe (see Wednesday’s programme) and The Art School’s first birthday that John Waters’ lived-in feel. Think knock-off Jim Lambie meets papier mache fruit, or don’t, that would be awful.

A Feral Studio
1800-2100 | Vic Bar | Free
Com Des Talks (CDT) host an evening in the Vic Cafe Bar. Everyone is welcome to come and hear about the professional practise of designer, researcher, writer and tutor Catherine Dixon, alongside letter cutter and printer Nicholas Sloan.

Big Screen
1800-2100 | Assembly Hall | Free
GSA’s cinema enthusiasts join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper (Scared Sacred, Fierce Light) on a journey deep inside the global revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet.

Purple Brain Pub Quiz
2100-2300 | Vic Bar | Free
A pub quiz.


Gift Exchange
1200-1700 | Assembly Hall | Free
Artworks, or other people’s unwanted Birthday/Christmas gifts can be yours… as long as you bring something to exchange. Bring it in a shoebox, wrapped in recycled newspaper, or elegantly packed with bespoke gift wrap you found in the bin, it doesn’t matter. You can drop off your gifts throughout the day and receive an alternative gift in return. Grand raffling of the gifts will be at 5pm.

1200-1800 | Assembly Hall | Free
GSA Sustainability host a clear out of your cupboards, desks and lives. A chance to clear out unwanted items and swap them for something new. Drop off your items to SWAP for the first couple of hours, then come back to RUMMAGE. Rummage’s intentions are to encourage a culture of re-use and exchange within the GSA. Every item that is brought to Rummage is weighed and the total weight of items we receive is then converted into carbon emissions saved by items assumed not going to landfill or being purchased new. To date they’ve diverted nearly 2 tonnes of stuff from landfill.

Exotic Excess Cafe
1400-1800 | Assembly Hall | Free
Globally between 30-50% of all food grown and produced is wasted. This is where Rubbish (a creative anti food-waste campaign) come in. Campaigners will be in attendance to tell the story of food waste and serve up some fine, surplus tastes of the tropics in the form of the Exotic Excess Cafe. Pop by to explore and inspire positive personal and political solutions to this preventable issue through the first interactive, food waste event at GSA.

Brew with Fruit!
1500-1600 | Assembly Hall | Free
Learn how to brew using some of the fruit from Exotic Excess with MFA’s Sam Cook. Sam will be equipped with a beer base, an informative ‘zine’ and his knowledge -in the hope to stimulate conversation around the idea of self-sustainability, community, the local and sharing.

Hill 52 Radio
1100-1800 | P3-Lounge | Free
The Art School’s radio broadcasting collective will be on air all day featuring series of shows including a live music lounge! Turn on, tune in… erm.

Galli-Mau-Fry #2
2000-2200 | Vic Bar | Free

a confused jumble or medley of things.

The second edition of Galli-mau-fry will be bringing together a concoction of short performative projects which will be presented in the Vic Bar. Expect a mixture of sound, moving image, music, spoken word, and performance.


Tea (mainly Cake) Party
1800-2000 | Vic Bar | Free
The Vic Bar will be turned into the best tea shop in town, a tea shop that doesn’t care about tea, but cares a lot about cake —so more of a cake shop than a tea shop. Why? Because that’s how you celebrate a birthday, with a mountain of choux pastry. Yeah, you guessed it, there will be cake at this event. Cake.

One Small Step: 1st Bday Party
2300-0300 | VB/AH | £5 GSA/£6 ADV
Re-incarnated a year ago on Scott Street, Out of Orbit invites you to celebrate The Art School’s first anniversary with a rush of e-numbers, inflatables, ball-swamps, candy-floss dispensed from an elevator, and…

Throwing Shade
Kero Kero Bonito
Dressin Red
Kane West (PC Music)
Ravioli Me Away
Push It


Roller Disco
1800-2100 | Assembly Hall | £4
Skate or die! Lace em up and get high (on wheels)! 3 different DJs, 3 different skating slots and one mad roller disco experience in the Assembly Hall. You’ll have 45 minutes on your skates, so choose your slot wisely! Limited places. Ticket price includes skate hire.

CHEESY (pop/disco/hardcore)
DJ Y (ALWAYS ME?) (nu metal/punk/indie)
DJ ChouChou (French touch/electro pop)

Blackout Friday
1930-2100 | Vic Bar | Free
All of the lights! All of the lights! WILL BE TURNED OFF! Join GSA Sustainability to blackout the entire GSA campus. Volunteers are needed to assist switching every-single-light OFF! Volunteers will be given pizza and drinks for their efforts in the war on light! I’m sure you all have plenty of experience eating pizza in the dark, so the lights will remain off during the consumption of said pizza and drinks.

Opal Tapes x Night School Records | Headstrong
2300-0300 | VB/AH | £4/£6/£7
It wouldn’t be a proper Glasgow party without some noisy Techno. So, two forward facing labels will go head-to-head on Saturday night in an effort to move your arms from the folded position to a flailing non-position.

Basic House
Conal & Murray (WHILST)
Mark Maxwell (DJ)


Saturday Soul Brunch
1300 – 1700 | Vic Bar | Free
Free glass of Cava. Saturday Brunch menu on. Ping Pong table out. DJ playing music.

1030-0300 | VB/AH | £9 before 11/ £10 after
The Balkan bedlam is back and kicking off 2015 with a sweaty display of live gypsy, klezmer and Balkan music from TRAKTORKESTAR as well as Balkan Beat DJs, gypsy belly dancing and free Rakia!