Debi Banerjee & Lewis Prosser: Art School In Action

Resource room, Project space 1

Presentation & Discussion Using archived materials we will look at previous iterations of Activities week and a history of alternative education at the GSA.

From the 1960s onwards, art schools across the UK underwent a shift in emphasis and approaches to teaching visual art. Radical and alternative practices begin to emerge in art schools, appearing at a time of fundamental change in the framework of art school education. as colleges gradually shifted from awarding diplomas to degrees. These factors contributed to an increased critical reflection, external engagement and interdisciplinary working within and outwith art schools at this time. It is true to say The 70s and 80s marked a crucial turning point in teaching at the GSA but how much of this was directed by student projects, cultural DIYism and self organised activity? , and another question that seems important to ask is, why are we talking about this NOW and what can be done going forward?