The Art School is a unique centre for the arts in Glasgow. The biggest international acts and those in the first stages of individual experimentation will find that music, performance and artistic expression are represented and nurtured here in incomparable style.

Amidst the changing cultural landscape of Glasgow, The Art School has maintained both a physical and creative presence, flourishing within its Scott Street walls, where it has boldly remained since 1930.
Values of innovation, inclusivity and quality have enabled the venue, and those beliefs made manifest within its structure, to remain and regenerate.

In its most recent incarnation The Art School has developed its Audio-Visual capabilities and production possibilities to ensure that the most ambitious thoughts and projects can be regularly realised with a quality of sound, light and space to match expectation.

The Art School serves as both the beating heart of the Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association and a world-class music and events venue, meaning that whatever your passion you will find a home in this most iridescent institution.