Astral Black’s Jon Phonics speed dates Soulection’s Sivey & Sam Gellaitry 22nd May, 2015


Glasgow-based label and clubnight Astral Black have been in the game for two years now and they’ve already thrown some seriously memorable parties with Spooky Bizzle, Skepta, Danny Brown, Novelist and Slimzee. Not to mention bringing through Scotland-based producers DJ Milktray, Jaisu and Dressin Red to the fore in a series of considered releases. To celebrate they’ve invited 18 year-old hip hop prodigy Sam Gellaitry and Sivey from L.A.’s infamous Soulection label, and all the way from central Europe: Luk Lechuck. Get to know Sam & Sivey in this short interview, and check out Astral Black’s free compilation of all the label contributors.

What’s your name and where are you from?
Sam Gellaitry: Sam Gellaitry from Stirling, Scotland

Sivey: My name is Sivey and I’m from Hertfordshire but I live in Manchester.

Describe your sound in 3 words!
S: Soulful, sincere, glossy.

SG: That’s tricky, going to go for colourful offbeat experiments. It’s hard to explain, usually if someone asks I have to let them hear it rather than explain it to them.

You’re part of LA’s infamous Soulection crew, how did your relationship with those guys come around?
S: I came into contact with the Soulection guys through Evil Needle who I met through online beat battles years ago (shouts to Louis Den). They first heard my collabs with him on his solo projects and were digging my solo tracks too which was very encouraging since I’d only just started making non hip hop/electronic tunes.

What’s one thing that’s happened as a result of your music that’s blown your head off? Tell us a story or scenario or something…

SG: The full journey has been crazy to be honest, one moment that made step back: I remember going on a night out in Edinburgh a few weeks before my EP was released and I met a complete stranger in the crowd who had the EP cover as his phone background, that was such a strange yet humbling experience. Even the fact that no-one knew of my music 11 months ago to where i am now, I don’t think it will ever sink in.

S: Nothing that mental has happened so far, like I haven’t met Obama yet or anything. I tweeted him yesterday though so fingers crossed. But some of the shows I’ve done have been pretty exciting, when the Soulection crew invited me to play in London alongside Mr. Carmack and Esta I hadn’t done that many gigs yet, let alone very busy hype ones. The venue wasn’t huge but it was absolutely packed and boiling hot and that was the first time I felt that level of intensity and nervousness when DJing.

What can we expect from your set at the Astral Black 2nd birthday this Friday?
SG: I’m really into artists like Young Thug and D.R.A.M. right now, I love the vocal delivery and how they sound on a big system/club environment. Gonna play some of my unreleased stuff too! Really looking forward to playing alongside Sivey and the Astral Black collective, going to be a night to remember!

S: I try and straddle the line between deep/soulful and banging when I play out so depending on the vibe it could go either way! I have a few new tunes of my own to play so there’ll definitely be some exclusives too.

Is that it then or what?
SG: Working on my first album just now, should be released by the end of the year!

S: I have a remix coming out soon for a duo called All The People which turned out really summery, I’m looking forward to that dropping. Oh yeah and another remix for a certain Astral Black artist that I’ve submitted for your next compilation. I’ve just finished a new tune that will be part of my EP that I’ve been working on for a while now, hopefully to release with Soulection when the time is right. Cheers!