Bigfoot’s Tea Party meet… Mr. Ties & Spencer Parker 4th March, 2015


Mr.Ties and Spencer Parker met each other as many people do in Berlin – taking shots at 8am in the Panorama Bar. But their relationship would be one to last much longer than the 48 hour weekend romances that often foster in the alleyways around Berghain. Fast forward a few years from when they first locked eyes, and their (sporadic, often hard to find) DJ partnership has become a match made in heaven (or hell – whatever your preference is) – as they thrive, (physically) feeding off each other while playing 8, 9, 10 hour sessions at Homopatik – one of the most exciting and free spirited parties Europe has to offer.

Here is what they had to say about it all ahead of their show at The Art School this Saturday.

Did you travel here by Ghetto Business Class?

MR. TIES: Me I travelled from the Roman ghetto suburb Torrino/Laurentina, but not ghetto business class, I actually dislike business class maybe because you are flying together with some weapon sellers or maybe some high priest child fucker… don´t let me continue. No please not for me I love my emergency exit in my economic class and so will stay like this forever. Also this DJ superstar is so done and dumb they are worse than playback singers… I want a DJ farmer, DJ worker, DJ painter – this rock star thing as to come to an end and i will work hard till i get reach this…

SPENCER: Of course I fucking did!!!!! Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with !??!?!?!?!!?!? “Ghetto Business Class” is my preferred term for Easyjet’s Speedy Boarding process, for just a little more, you can lord it over your fellow passengers and flounce on to the flight in front of the lot of them. Unfortunately, parents struggling with small children and pushchairs are also allowed to be given Ghetto Business Class status (free of charge for fucks sake ?!?!?!), but I’m currently working on a petition to put an end to this.

On VERY rare occasions i have been known to travel by “Ghetto First Class” – this is when you have no one in the two seats next to you and you can get a relaxing kip on your very own (almost) flat (kind of) bed…

Where did you guys first meet – was it love at first sight?

S: Put simply- YES! The slightly longer version is : I’d played at Panorama Bar and, unsurprisingly enough, if you know me, fancied a wee nightcap, and someone told me there was a great new party at ://About Blank and we should all go, so we did – and it was amazing. Great crowd, the sun was shining and great music too, of course. The next time I went back I met Francesco properly and gave him a big pile of shitty records I’d made and great records I’d signed on Work Them Records and I think he even played some them that same day – and we’ve been great buddies since!

T: Yes in the lost years spent enjoying myself in Pee Bar I saw Spencer many different times playing in there with Radio Slave and it was always fantastic – it was lot of years ago – I am kind of melancholic (toward) pee bar (now) with just a couple of 100 people all dancing…no one could shout cause it would come a angry German saying to shut the fuck up…oh nice times I miss. After 5 years spent there I decided to do something in my life to and so I started to do Homopatik…and magically one day I remember I was just outside sitting on the bench at ://About Blank, outside the first garden exit, it was kind of 2-3 o’clock and I think I see Maya – a girlfriend of mine coming with Spencer, totally shy…on her back then she introduced us and he was also coming with a bag full of black candies with music – I mean he brought all his complete back catalogue. I just thought again fuck this! Life is again a film – I mean Spencer Parker one of the DJ that I totally admired coming from nowhere to meet me, (who the fuck is Mr.Ties) and bringing even all his back catalogue. For sure I played all the records immediately after in Homopatik and the garden melted down! I don’t know if call it love at the first sight….

How long have you been DJing with each other – what do you get out of it that you wouldn’t when you DJ solo?

S: Well, we have only ever played together at Homopatik but we’ve done it five or six time now I think. I actually hate back to backs and basically never do them because, if you don’t really know the person well or they don’t know you, or theres not a certain amount of respect, they can be an utter disaster. So I only ever play back to back with people I know and like. I’ve played once with Boris, a few times with Radio Slave and at the last Work Them Records party we did, I played with DJ Richard and Dan Beaumont, but thats about it. I think the fact that I rarely do them makes it more fun for me. For me, playing with Francesco is just pure, riding by the seat of your pants fun! We both love house, techno and disco as well as a whole array of bizarre records you could barely categorise so, it’s just a great party vibe, I think. We can both easily feed of what the other one is playing and snap into that mode and, equally, we both love throwing in massive curveballs – so its the best of both worlds.

T: I usually don’t like back to back but with Spencer it was all different, it was like we were kids – magically the crowd kind of disappeared and we were just me and him and the music and the dance…I have to say I learned a lot playing together with Spencer as his experience is way much beyond mine…

Do you have any recommendations before embarking on a long Homopatik session – special fruits or vegetables, stretches?

S: Last year I played Homopatik for 14 hours, 9 on my own and the rest with Francesco back to back, I started at 10am and finished at midnight – so it was kinda like doing a long shift in a very crazy factory. I had breakfast at home and brought with me a sandwich, some bananas, a cake and that was about it I think. Oh, and about 20 bottles of Club Mate! I did get a few funny looks as it tucked into the banana…

T: Magnesium and for sure a good diet helps a lot…for sure if you go to gym even better…

Homopatik is one of our favourite parties in the world, why do you think everyone loves it so much?

T: I still think it’s just shitty party with some shitty DJs but I loves the people in there they really have a vibe…

S: There are so many reasons, really. I have been there as a clubber many times as well as someone playing there and I love to do both. Francesco and the whole crew have created their own world and don’t bow to many of the conventions that seem to engulf anyone starting a club night these days. They don’t book DJs because they are on a hyped label or because they’ve had a big record or they are the chosen warm up for a big name, the DJs are purely booked on their talent as a DJ, which, unfortunately, is a very rare thing nowadays. They also don’t announce the line ups, so people go there for the PARTY itself, which i think is just great. I’ve had many fun times dancing to a legend such as Danny Krivit playing in the garden and i’ve also had many amazing times dancing to Freddy K, Mad Alba, Akirahawks or Paolo. And there’s some guy called Mr Ties who isn’t bad either…! I think of Homopatik as a party, as opposed to a club night, and i don’t really think theres any higher praise than that, to be honest.

How would one go about joining the Berlin Amateur Dramatics Society?

S: Hahahahaha, you’d have to ask Radio Slave about that one! He was thinking of an artist name for the single he did for the Homopatik label and came up with that. I’ve remixed it and so has Francesco and I think it will be the second release on the label (if I remember right). And we are all good at serving up some DRAMA so it was a good fit for a project that involves us 3 loonys !

Spencer – your Work Them Records had some sick releases last year – what have you got planned for 2015?

S: A few things… The next release is a techno EP by CAIAZZO who is a new young producer from Queens, NYC. And after that i’m not too sure really… Hopefully a single from Dan Beaumont, a single from Bearweasel and there will be an EP coming from Behzad and Amarou who are residents at Concrete in Paris and really amazing DJs AND producers. Also, there will be a remix ep of my “Rights For Men” single that will feature Young Male, Adriana Lopez and ……………….. drumroll …………………………………………………………………. Mr Ties ! 🙂

Francesco – do you have plans for production? You have a “Rights For Men” edit coming soon on Work Them?

T: I have big plans actually for productions is coming up the remix I did for Spencer. Kind of dynamic danceable sound…and I’m going to open a new secret label, more music for outside the club but more music for really eclectic crowd, nothing for Britney and Madonna fun. Then should come my Homopatik DRAMA records and we are going to release new records – but first exclusively in Homopatik.

Tell us about your DJ set up for Saturday – there are going to be two rotary mixers, is that right?

S: Lord knows – I leave all the technical stuff to Francesco, i just turn up and hope to be adored !

T: Mmm is this new setup i wanted to try so we can be back to back but also butt to butt…I was thinking much already last time we played about this setup…We are going to play this summer in ://About garden again with this setup but with me dressed with turkish wedding dress and Spencer as istanbul man with beards…also right now practicing nearly every day piano so then we can play piano house on spot in the future.

What else can we expect from you guys?

S: I have absolutely no fucking idea – but thats all the fun of it, non…?

T: If you expect something then be afraid.

We feel Glasgow is a good fit for you both – do you agree?

S: I’ve been lucky enough to play there a few times and always had a blast – I once ended up in a wheelie bin at an after party in what seemed to be a corrugated iron tube. So, to answer your question, yes.

T: I still miss that Bigfoot´s party at Sub Club last year – it was one of the best party crowds. I love the crowd, this is the best…and for sure the love I met in the last year often traveling with my Glasgow cuties and sweeties OPTIMO.

Tell us something about yourselves that you never told anyone else…

T: I’m the bearded woman from the 1920 circus, I just travelled with a time machine and landed in 1986…

S: I’m actually a man…