Night of the Jaguar meet… Christian S. & JG Wilkes 10th February, 2015


Christian S is part of a pan-global family, drawn together by a taste for the nighttime, its rhythms, its stories and soundtracks. Known as Cómeme, the tight-knit and like-minded DJs, producers and visual artists are based in various locations across Russia, Columbia, Romania, Argentina, Mexico, Germany and the UK. Founded in 2009 by Matias Aguayo, it was initially invested in bringing Latin American house music to a wider audience, now Cómeme’s regular compilations showcase the seemingly disparate traditions of its many homes by locating the most sweaty, freaky and grinding music out there.

Cómeme is a firm Glasgow favourite. In 2012, Optimo and Huntley & Palmers co-hosted an all day Cómeme party. Christian S, Daniel Maloso, Alejandro Paz and Matias Aguayo played along side Highlife’s own Auntie Flo and Esa. The party famously ended with the sound-system (literally) setting on fire as Matias Aguayo launched into his last song.

In anticipation of Night of the Jaguar’s first birthday party with Christian S and JG Wilkes this weekend, they caught up with Christian via email and asked Jonnie for his top Cómeme tracks.

JG Wilkes Top 10 Cómeme Tracks (in no particular order)

Night of the Jaguar meet… Christian S.

How do the Cómeme compilations come together? Would you say Cómeme is more than just a record label?
The Cómeme vinyl compilations like The Power Of Now, Nickel Ride, El Untitled or Gasoline are very special. I think suddenly the time is right and a couple of very special tracks, which have been heavily road tested for months, come together and make sense.

Cómeme is a music label but it gives opportunities to do a lot of other stuff also. Like the exhibition/Installation One Night In Cómeme we did 2014 in Berlin or the amazing costumes and textile design of Sarah Szczesny. Right now we are working on a concept for workshops we would like to do next year. It’s about getting people together and communication/transformation through visual art, music, and dancing.

Christian S, Matias Aguayo & Avril Ceballos / Mexico 2014 – Photo and Costumes by Sarah Szczesny

Christian S, Matias Aguayo & Avril Ceballos / Mexico 2014 – Photo and Costumes by Sarah Szczesny

You’ve played in Glasgow in the past. What’s your impression of Glasgow?
I had the impression that’s its wild, straightforward and pure. Very intense and energetic. The amplifiers literally started to burn last time and I am very happy to come back.

What was your first encounter with Optimo and how did you come to know each other?
Actually I only met Jonnie and Twitch only two or three times. We were invited by Optimo and Highlife to play in Glasgow. The next day we played all together in London. That was the first time i really heard them play. A year later we invited them to a Cómeme night in Cologne. Now they are my favourite DJs.

Where is your favourite place to play in the world and why?
There are so many great places and I always enjoy travelling and playing. I also organize Parties with an old friend and Cómeme affiliate, Korkut Elbay, in off locations in Cologne, such as the Rhine Parc or at a Bar/Restaurant called African Drum located in a typical 70s heavy concrete, subway passage/underpass. We do this African Drum party twice a year since 2008 and they are always magic.


What can we expect from Christian S and Cómeme in 2015?
The next Cómeme artists releasing 12inches will be a Dany F from Columbia and then Carisma from Buenos Aires. Also tracks for the fourth edition of our digital compilation serie One Night In Cómeme are being mastered right now.

Regarding myself I am more than ever busy as DJing and after my EP last year I have done remixes for Little Dragon, Mamacita, Mike Callander and Colder. I hope they will be released soon. I am still working on two more remixes – one for Hivern Disc and one for the Berlin based label Karaoke Kalk. After that I am looking forward to getting my own music out again and to start jamming with the drums again.