Khidja selects… 2nd December, 2014


Romanian duo Khidja make their Scottish debut this week, brought to the attention of the world by Hardway Brother Sean Johnston, they’ve been gathering momentum ever since with a stunning EP for Emotional Especial and an anthemic remix by Timothy Fairplay. It’s easy to see what all the fuss is about with this selection of tracks ahead of their performance at Out of Orbit this Thursday.

Man Jumping – Jump Cut

In our collection for many years and always a pleasure to rediscover. This is music for serious listeners, no wonder Brian Eno called them “the best band in the world”. They are like a combination between Steve Reich and Fela perhaps. No skipping when listening, please!

Killawattz – Yorugata (People of the Night) (New Beat Re-work)

Killawattz wrote us on our soundcloud and he was kind enough to send us his track Yorugata. We are curently working on remixing it.

Aura – Vorbe de Dragoste

Aura Urziceau is one the most famous Romanian jazz singers. She has tracks in every genre until the 90s, but jazz was her strong point. Her album Seara de Jazz was one of the most sought after records, Japanese record collectors were hunting this down when we where still kids and hoping to find our own copies. This isn’t from that famous album though…

Tsliley Haud – Libi Ha’oev

Found in a dusty record shop in Tel Aviv with our friend Katzi. It has a great vibe to it and kind of reminds of Romanian gypsy music.

Orient Express – Abdullah Dollar (Jean Pierre Massiera ’83)

Very special for us, undefeated at parties.

K-S.h.e – Hobo Train

Terre wrote a big letter asking his fans not to repost music on youtube or via the internet as he feels music should be only on dedicated mediums, we’re sorry for spreading, but it’s just so goooood.

Javier Bergia – Bellenas

The works of the spanish guitar player reissued by Emotional Rescue, pure finesse.

Gesloten Cirkel – Feat. Liette

This is too bizarre to try to explain, house music from 2045 with russian vocals.

Andrew Poppy – The Amusement

Andrew was also a part of The Lost Jockey and Man Jumping, he is a complete musician with a wide range of activities, plenty of stuff to go from here on discogs. A track that defies genres.

Stabil Elite – Krautkamerad (Original Version)

Alles what they touch just turns to gold.