Out of Orbit: MWX 1st October, 2014


“Ever since I have been going clubbing the lighting and the visuals have played a prominent role in my dancing experience. For me, it’s inspirational that these elements along with the music can transform a clubbing environment and take you to another space, another time.” -MWX

Marianne (aka MWX) came to the attention of Out of Orbit via all the unpretentious, fun, yet carefully curated and executed AV projects she’s involved with. One of the most engaging is Algo_Rhythm, a collaborative project between musicians and designers that explores the relationship between sonic and visual art practices. Marianne (MWX) curates all of the musicians and artists who’re involved; the artists are selected on the basis that they embrace technology in their practice. The structure of the event is based around schematic diagrams that are found in manuals for building electronics, so the progression of the night has an organic flow, with light and sound blending into one another creating an immersive environment.

There’s also Magic Waves, a record label, club night and radio show. The show is broadcast on IFM1 from either Berlin, Glasgow, Chester or London every Sunday. MWX got involved with Magic Waves by playing records on the radio show, DJing at parties and producing the artwork for the Magic Waves’ parties in Glasgow. They’re currently organising a mini festival, the line-up includes seminal disco outfit Black Devil Disco Club.

In collaboration with Alan Miller (aka Hush), she runs something altogether Italo, electro and HI NRG: Maxi Dance Pool. For each Dance Pool party they make a limited edition run of free cassette tapes -one side with a mix from HUSH and the other MWX. The cassette tapes, as well as the posters, allow both of them to express their interest in design and visual art in a playful, tactile and collaborative way. They’ve been doing the Dance Pool parties for almost two years now and have built up a regular following, including the eyeliner of approval from the unmistakable Glasgow Italo Goth contingent.

Out of Orbit’s Cosmic Q&A

The Radical Interplanetary Coop needs your help! The Commission of Arts & Social
Research have been granted their first expedition to the Sedna System. Unfortunately, the commission doesn’t have a unilateral set of space suits or lounge wear for the mission. They can’t seem to decide whether it is necessary to create such a strict set of sartorial codes, or (as one sceptical fringe group have suggested) a perfect opportunity to develop the Coalition of Garms, a pusedo-democratic board that dictates clothing production for the Coop. What should they do?

In true Wes Anderson (The Life Aquatic) – I would say uniforms are ESSENTIAL. But maybe uniforms like Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip in the music video for Starship Trooper though!

In exchange for your recent involvement in an uprising during the Proxima-R Intelligence
Cluster Sanctions (or PRICS), the rebels have given you the opportunity to name a publicly owned vessel used to transport dispersed families to a number of locations in the sector. Do you accept the honour, and if so, what do you name it?

Of course I accept the honour! Voyager Interstellar MWX808

The rest of your crew have fallen into the darkness and shadows of the sprawling space
station OOO-1, each one disappearing with little more than a whimper echoing through the air control system. The communications system is faulty, every message you attempt to send to HQ is corrupted –your digital SOS dissipating into a seemingly endless void of
time and space. You’re alone. The only distraction is the space station’s full functioning
internal communication system. What sound do you select from the control panel to echo
around it’s empty metallic corridors?

Hmm. I would choose to listen to Carl Sagan’s Golden Record – I presume they would
have a copy of that on a space ship.