Carisma selects… 20th October, 2014


Carisma live together in Buenos Aires, the duo have spun the shared intimacy of their home studio into the underground clubs of the South American capital. Spinning nighttime fantasies with rhythms and sounds that swing the dark side of the mirror ball. They’ve recently joined the pan-global Cómeme family, releasing Directamente earlier this year, an EP that Matias Aguayo describes as revealing a sonic world that’s “curious, hopeful, sometimes purple and full of darkening shadows, nocturnal creatures from beyond that stroll around an electric fire of subtle melodies and scary rave signals.”

Ahead of their Scottish debut show presented by No Globe and Huntely & Palmers, we spoke to the duo about the records that matter most to them right now.

1. Carisma – Muerte Instrumental
Our first track released by Cómeme on the “El untitled” compilation, we made the video by ourselves at home with this Skelletor drummer bought at “La almeja erotica”, a souvenir shop in the beach.

2. Rumanians – Altai
Rumanias are Ani and Caro Castoldi, two sisters that make amazing music released by Dengue Dancing Records. Their sound is a ritual on the dance floor.

3. Carisma – Talento Matematico
From Directamente EP, you can download this track for free from XLR8R.

4. MKRNI – Humedad (DJs Pareja Remix)
Hace calor hace calor hace calor!
DJs pareja are our friends and they make very loopy remixes that we always play in our sets, this one specially when it gets really hot!

5. John Talabot – Matilda’s Dream
We listened this track for the first time last week, then we played it at Wilde Renate at 7 am and it was amazing. That was our last gig in Berlin for our European Tour 2014 which will finish on 14th November in Paris.

6. Rous – A Bailar (Carisma Remix)
Part of the last Comemian fuel, Gasoline. Rous is a young musician from Lujan and he loves cars and red wine.

7. Love Inc. – Lady Democracy
We love each track of Life is a Gas!

8. Marc Piñol – Edit Service 21
Edit service its a net label from I’m Cliche that releases mysterious pop edits like this one, we don’t know the original but this version is very cool.

9. Ibiza Pareo – After
A new band from Buenos Aires that will release a very nice album soon!

10. Mezcla – Negro
Mezcla is Ismael Pinkler side project, a duo with Gustavo Lamas that plays alternative dance music live. This track was made 7 years ago and released in 2013 by Estamos Felices.