Jess Higgins & Nicholas Lynch 21st May, 2014


Grown in Spurts exhibited new work from Nick Lynch and Jess Higgins. Efforts include the exploration of repetitive methods of working, the venture of movement, the presence of time, and the practise of growing. Jess Higgins expanded on the exhibition, her practise and work.

What themes were you working on?
For the work in this show, I was, and have been for a while thinking about the experience of time, both spatially and conceptually, through language and action. Things like, the marathon, the sprint, stretching, conducting, circular forms and how those pushes and pulls affect the everyday experience.

What can you tell me about your art practise?
I take a multi-disciplinary, research based approach to my practise, embracing naivety in relation to methods of making, and also knowledge. I tend to draw on cultural themes / referencing to build new meanings or translations based on (as previously pointed to) perception and language, sometimes through a collaborative or open ended process wherein participation is utilised to create ungoverned outcomes. When working in a more solitary, studio based way, I’m interested in the notion of collage both in a literal sense (actually making real collages) or in a spatial way in terms of picking ‘things’ apart (concepts, theories, events and actions) and putting them back together again. Uncertainty is very important to me!

What medium or form does your work incorporate?
I guess physically it incorporates a lot of writing, some video, naive/simple drawing, collage and photography. Grown In Spurts saw the first performance I ever did, but actually I would say that I was more concerned with the texts/sounds and formula of direction/systems – but again that brings us back to the thematics as opposed to the physical. I work a lot with books and am interested in narratives and the vessel of the book to explore ideas, which I guess in some ways incorporates design as well, and I make about one sculpture a year too.